Coming Soon!

So, what has happened to Grace Walton?

I was really enjoying her books and couldn’t wait for the next one in the series I’ve been reading!

Working now as Grace Walton’s marketing manager, those are the things I keep hearing and reading from her passionate and adoring fans.

Well, I’m excited to report that after taking a year off, she has picked up her pen (well, keyboard anyway) and is writing again! And, she’s coming at you with a new twist. You see, I know Grace personally and she has never been one to say much about herself or her writing. To start with, her picture ought to be in the dictionary by the word introvert. Either that, or humble. Maybe both, and perhaps a number of other kind labels that come to mind and that keep Grace so well loved by family and close friends!

That’s where I step in. As Grace’s new marketing manager, I’m here to keep you better informed of all that Grace would not share about herself and her stories. I hope to provide you with new and added value by offering a behind the scenes sneak peek into the life of Grace Walton and all that she draws from in creating her best-selling books.

Speaking of best-selling books, Grace has eleven novels published, number twelve wrapping up soon, number thirteen started, and number fourteen on the drawing board.  Number twelve will be Grace’s first (and likely only) work of non-fiction. It’s been a long time coming and only then due to the encouragement of her family and close friends.

Grace wouldn’t admit it, but over and over again she’s been a wise counselor to family and friends. Everyone knew she had something amazing to share that wasn’t born out of one of her fictional creations. If you want a rich, wisdom-filled, and personal look into the mind and heart of Grace Walton, then keep an eye out for her next book, Beyond Blessed, due out soon!

If you’ve been a fan of Grace’s Christ Keepers series, book five in the series and her thirteenth novel, Verity’s Promise, is next in line to hit the book shelves. After that, Grace says she’s looking forward to writing the sequel to her favorite story she has ever written, Birdy Saves the World. Official title to the sequel is still to be determined, but the working title for her fourteenth novel is, Reo Grabs the Moon.

Today begins a new page in the world of Grace Walton novels. Be sure to follow her on Twitter @Hopelsly_Suthrn and tune in here and on her website at for the latest Grace Walton news!