Verity’s Promise

vp3.jpg I’m so sorry I’ve been away so long. Hurricane Michael did extensive damage to our home, and I’m now the caretaker of my elderly mother. Lots going on right now in my life, but thankfully the writing schedule has resumed.

Verity’s Promise will be published this fall. It is the last in the original ChristKeepers series. I’ll post further updates as the summer rolls on.

Hope you enjoy a sneak peek at the new book cover. I like it a lot, hope you do too. LNF, Grace


Beyond Blessed Published!

bb cover.jpg

Hope you enjoy this new book, my first foray into non-fiction. It’s a very personal look at how God has blessed me over the years. Hopefully it will be a comfort or encouragement to someone who might be trudging through a valley instead of basking in the glorious sunlight of a mountaintop. Or maybe it will just be the source of some practical tips to serve you well as you make your own journey through this life. Here is the amazon link: Beyond Blessed


Mercy’s Heart Builds Readership

I’m delighted to report that Mercy’s Heart is building a loyal group of readers. As a novel it combines so many elements that folks looking for in a historical romance but are hard to find. For one thing it relies on reality. I don’t know about you but I find some inspirational just too sweet and unrealistic to enjoy.

I think a hero should be a man not a saint. I believe that even heroines in Christian themed romance shouldn’t be mindless child like parodies. I wrote ‘Mercy’s Heart’ with those ideas in mind.