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The Giftlings a Perfect Halloween Read!


The Giftlings continues to get great 5 * reviews on Amazon! It would be a spooky read for Halloween. it’s safe for all ages and is written from a Christian Worldview.

There’s a handsome mysterious hero, an innocent pastor’s daughter, and an arch demon who wants to own their souls. Character driven with nail-biting adventure The Giftlings is a richly satisfying Supernatural Inspirational Romance.

Described as Cinderella meets Village of the Damned but featuring a Christian foundation. If you liked the Twilight books you’ll like The Giftlings!

Want a little shiver down your spine? Treat yourself or your friends and family to a book that will make you laugh, cry, & fall in love.

Tonight curl up with your Kindle, a cup of steaming spiced apple cider, & the Giftlings. You won’t be sorry.

At $2.99 its a great value for your Kindle and much nicer for your waistline than a bag full of candy!



Grace Walton on GoodReads, Amazon, Pinterest, YouTube, & Twitter

I’ve loved blogging for a long time. It’s what I did before I started writing for newspapers, magazines, and as a screenwriter & novelist. So I was thrilled when I discovered Twitter, Pinterest, & Good Reads. Connecting in our cyber world is a joy.

I’ve been with Amazon, Pinterest, YouTube, & Twitter for a while. But I just discovered Good Reads. Oh MY…

I’m so excited to have recently joined Good Reads. It’s great fun to connect with other readers and authors. I recommend it to any person who loves to read. I love seeing what my friends are reading! And I want to join discussions there about authors and books.

 You can follow the linkys below to see my author page & books, I sure hope you’ll drop by and visit.

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Books in the Pipeline From Grace Walton

I’ve had folks here and on amazon ask when the next book in their particular favorite series of mine is coming out. So I thought I’d try to answer those questions for you.

My next novel will be available before Christmas in eBook and print. It is a Contemporary Inspirational Romance set in Savannah. Since I used to live there and have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War nearby, Savannah is very close to my heart. The working title is ‘Birdie Saves the World’.  Birdie is an old money whimsical artist- Shiloh is a cynical self-made millionaire. it’s book about revenge and regeneration.

After ‘Birdie’, the second ChristKeepers novel will be out in the Spring. it will be Ian’s story. You may remember him as the aristocratic villain from Mercy’s Heart. His life is in shambles and his heart is irreparably damaged. Then he meets the village herbalist spunky Taffeta . If you liked Mercy’s Heart hopefully you’ll enjoy Ian & Taffeta’s story. I do so love a tortured hero :).

The Giftlings, a Supernatural Inspirational Romance series, is my answer for all the folks like me who loved the ‘Twilight’ books but would rather read their fiction from a Christian worldview. These books are suitable for all ages and feature unique spiritual gifts and the people who must learn to cope with them. The next book in this series should be out in the Fall of 2014.

Currently cover art is being created for both Mercy’s Heart and The Giftlings so they be printed in paperback form. Additionally my new books will have guided questions in the back so they can serve as Church or Secular Book Club selections.

My writing schedule is pretty packed at the moment. But I’ve got this crazy yen to write a Regency Inspy too. So don’t be surprised to see one of those in 2015. I’ve got a Regency I wrote years ago that I might tweak and update to fit that publishing schedule. ‘The Last Rose Pearl’ is a story of love, betrayal, and reclamation. The hero, Dylan Warrick, stole a little piece of my heart. I bet he’d do the same with yours. He’s dark, damaged, and cynical. But the evolution of both he and the heroine still brings me to tears. OK…, I love a good tear-jerker too :).

Thanks for coming by. Hope your day is happy and filled with the things you cherish. Love Never Fails- Grace

Help Me Give a Heifer!

For years I’ve been a big fan of Heifer International.  I’ve always wanted to ‘gift’ a heifer. But the cost is above my budget- $500. This morning as I was doing my devotional I realized I could donate a portion from the royalties of my books and maybe fund a heifer. That was such an exciting thought!

So from now until Christmas I will be setting aside part of the royalties I receive from Mercy’s Heart & The Giftlings towards the goal of ‘gifting’ a heifer. I will let you know if we reached our goal the week after Christmas. Please join me in this effort.

Below are the links where my books can be purchased. They both make really good Church Book Club selections.

With a moo moo here and a moo moo there, Love Never Fails, Grace

Mercy’s Heart

The Giftlings  

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I can’t wait to see your responses!

Mercy’s Heart Proving Popular

mercys_heart_finalI’m so happy to report that ‘Mercy’s Heart’ is proving to be popular on The comments readers are leaving have been so encouraging! I love to hear someone felt their life was impacted in a positive manner by what I’ve written. I especially appreciate the folks who have written to say they are looking forward to the next book in the ChristKeepers series.

Ian MacAllister’s [one of the villains from ‘Mercy’s Heart’] story will be published within the year. It is the next ChristKeepers novel. I’m hard at work plotting his pilgrimage towards love, healing, and the claiming of his heritage in Christ.

Hopefully it will be full of the same warmth, adventure, and unexpected plot twists that are the hallmarks of ‘Mercy’s Heart’. I especially love to tell a story with elements of heartbreak and humor. I hope to include plenty of both in Ian’s story. Since Ian is almost irreparably damaged on many levels his tale will be centered on the theme of redemption.

In my mind if a book makes you laugh, cry, and has a satisfying ‘happily ever after’ ending it’s a winner. Readers are commenting that ‘Mercy’s Heart’ delivers all three.

The fact that it is written from a Christian worldview makes it even more appealing. Especially to those of us who like love stories with a high level of chemistry between our main characters without the typical explicit sex, cursing, and elements of the occult running rampant through the romance market today.

‘Mercy’s Heart’ is suitable for teenagers as well as adults.

Of course it’s Godly message makes you feel comfortable sharing this book with your friends, family, and church book clubs.

Mercy’s Heart’ is available here: