Mercy’s Heart Proving Popular

mercys_heart_finalI’m so happy to report that ‘Mercy’s Heart’ is proving to be popular on The comments readers are leaving have been so encouraging! I love to hear someone felt their life was impacted in a positive manner by what I’ve written. I especially appreciate the folks who have written to say they are looking forward to the next book in the ChristKeepers series.

Ian MacAllister’s [one of the villains from ‘Mercy’s Heart’] story will be published within the year. It is the next ChristKeepers novel. I’m hard at work plotting his pilgrimage towards love, healing, and the claiming of his heritage in Christ.

Hopefully it will be full of the same warmth, adventure, and unexpected plot twists that are the hallmarks of ‘Mercy’s Heart’. I especially love to tell a story with elements of heartbreak and humor. I hope to include plenty of both in Ian’s story. Since Ian is almost irreparably damaged on many levels his tale will be centered on the theme of redemption.

In my mind if a book makes you laugh, cry, and has a satisfying ‘happily ever after’ ending it’s a winner. Readers are commenting that ‘Mercy’s Heart’ delivers all three.

The fact that it is written from a Christian worldview makes it even more appealing. Especially to those of us who like love stories with a high level of chemistry between our main characters without the typical explicit sex, cursing, and elements of the occult running rampant through the romance market today.

‘Mercy’s Heart’ is suitable for teenagers as well as adults.

Of course it’s Godly message makes you feel comfortable sharing this book with your friends, family, and church book clubs.

Mercy’s Heart’ is available here:


4 thoughts on “Mercy’s Heart Proving Popular

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    1. Living By Grace Post author

      Hi Vicki, Thanks for stopping by. And thanks so much for the encouragement for Mercy’s Heart. The second ChristKeepers novel is in the pipeline and will be available in the Spring. Hope you like it as much as you enjoyed Mercy’s Heart! Love Never Fails- Grace


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