Closing in on Finishing ‘Birdie Saves the World’

I getting very close to having “Birdie Saves the World’ completed. I’ll be editing it in a week or two.  I can honestly say this novel has been one that has made me laugh and cry. I’ve even been furious with some of the characters.

Set in modern-day Savannah it’s my first foray into Contemporary Inspirational Romance. I had written one a Love Inspired editor requested a few years ago. She eventually passed on ‘Carried Away’. I still may tweak and publish it some day. But ‘Birdie’ is the first Contemporary I’ve written specifically for KDP.

I really like the character Birdie. If she were real, I’d love to have her as a shopping buddy. She is an artist who pedals around Savannah on an old vintage bike.

But the hero Shiloh Buchannan is the character who makes my heart skip a beat every time I sit down to write. He’s strong, handsome, cynical, damaged, and he’s got bad motives for just about everything he does.

Birdie’s been through a lot in her short life. But it’s made her a better person. Shiloh’s past has scarred him in just about every way a person can be scarred. And he’s got the attitude to prove it.

It’s been a real treat to see how God changes them both over the course of the novel. I do love a story with angst, love, & redemption.

I hope “Birdie Saves the World’ will deliver on all three.


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