Birdie Saves the World is Finished!!!!!

Wooooo! Hoooo! Birdie Saves the World is finished. I’ve got to tell you, I’m so in love with the hero of this book! Shiloh Buchannan is a corporate shark who’s been carrying a torch for the heroine Birdie for ten years. Problem is….he doesn’t know it.

And he’s got waaaay too many sins and secrets in his past to qualify as an acceptable guy for innocent Birdie O’Brien. She’s completely boho- a dedicated Christian, a world-famous artist, and a person who so wants to have the love and approval of her family.


Set in Savannah this novel has it all. There’s old money against the newly rich.All kinds of selfish manipulations. And some real laughs plus aching two hankie heartbreak.  Birdie Saves the World is not at all predictable. Lots of turns in the plot road.  I do so love a Hitchcock twist!!!

It makes for a very fun mix of conflict and faith and passion.

We’re poised for a Christmas release. And I must say, it’s a perfect Christmas season read. Sinners, angsty love, & ultimate redemption!!!! Yummy!!!


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