‘Birdie Saves the World’ Isn’t Your Mom’s Inspirational Romance

I’m  so happy to report that I’m very close to being finished with the edit of ‘Birdie Saves the World’. I’ve got to tell you this has been the most fun book I’ve ever written. And I can’t wait to see the gorgeous cover artist Amy DeLoach is creating.

Shiloh Buchannan and Birdie O’Brien barely introduced themselves before the sparks began to fly. I love it when I have a nice organized outline and then the  characters wreck it by going off on their own to have the most interesting adventures. That’s what happened with ‘Birdie’.

So basically it’s a story about a quirky artist living in Savannah. Back to the coastal city comes the poor bad boy she fell for years earlier. When he shows up in Savannah he’s obscenely rich, notorious, and out for revenge- against her family. Add in scandal , a funky non-profit charity, a deep spiritual message, arson, some emotionally satisfying romance, a broken engagement, Tybee Island Beach at Christmas, plus too many twists and turns to count and you have ‘Birdie’.

I love writing Inspirational Romance but my style is a little different from the norm. I believe the two main characters should have a wild roller coaster ride- both emotionally and spiritually before they win their ‘happily ever after’. I’m OK with the hero having to physically protect others, sometimes with mild violence. I don’t use profanity in my novels or write explicit sex scenes, but I do like a sort of slow toasty simmer of chemistry percolating between the hero and heroine.

I like to write real people so my characters aren’t perfect. Not by a long shot. The heroes are always damaged, and usually cynical. They’ll change over the course of the story. But they stay masculine. They act and speak like real guys. I like an alpha male. God made men to be different from women and I relish the differences. Don’t you get tired of reading Christian fiction where the guys are almost asexual? I mean really, David wasn’t lily-white. Neither was Solomon. I don’t want to read about a bland perfect man.The above image will give you a sense of how I see Shiloh Buchannan.

I like heroines who are spunky and not victims. And they don’t have to be blue-eyed blondes either. The Lord in His infinite wisdom made femininity in many, many different iterations. And we need to celebrate the beauty of all of them. I hope I write my female characters as smart, independent, and vulnerable. I think the greatest part of the beauty of Godly women is in their purity, kindness, and vulnerability. I strive for that kind of inward beauty in my own life. And that standard spills over into the heroines I write.       

I hope you’ll give ‘Birdie’ a try when it’s published in December. It would make a great Christmas gift!               


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