How My Son-in-Law Rescued Carried Away

Inspiration for Owen Ferguson Hero of Carried Away

OK, I know that post title is sort of odd but it’s truly a pretty good high level blurb about my day. Here’s the thing. In a universe far, far away…or at my original blog about 7 years ago, I offered a Contemporary Inspirational Romance for sale. The title was Carried Away and it’s always been sort of close to my heart. But remember-Those were the days of saving files to floppies.

Fast forward to the weekend after Thanksgiving this year. I found those old floppies and decided to take a look at some partial manuscripts and a couple of unpublished novels lurking there.

The downloading was going well until I hit the cursed floppy with Carried Away. It was a nut not to be cracked! Even my computer genius hubby who works in the cyber world was stumped.

Then in a flash of brilliance…OK it was really by God’s Grace, I remembered my wonderful son-in-law had purchased a copy while he was courting our daughter. But…the computer he’d been using at that time had been in a nasty car wreck.

A quick phone call later and he had located the file in his email archives and it was winging my way. He saved this book for me. There is not another copy of it anywhere.

God allowed my SIL to be the one last hope for this book.

Thanks  marvelous SIL, I’m so glad you bought it a million years ago and it was sitting there in your mailbox.

So all this means that Carried Away will go into the edit queue. And some time in the New Year I will have it up for sale along with my other Inspirational Romance books:

Mercy’s Heart- a Medieval- available now on amazon- buy at sidebar linky 

The Giftlings- a Young Adult Paranormal- available now on amazon- buy at sidebar linky

The Last Rose Pearl- A Regency- in edit

Birdie Saves The World- a Contemporary- in formatting to e-book

If you comment, retweet, or ping back this post I’ll add your name to the hat for this month’s book giveaway.



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