Birdie Saves The World

Birdie's Bike

Birdie’s Bike


I’ve been writing  for a few weeks about my upcoming novel release. It’s a Contemporary Inspirational Romance. If everything goes according to plans, ‘Birdie Saves The World’ will be published by the week before Christmas. It would be a great Christmas gift for somebody who’s getting a new Kindle.

In fact it has a heartwarming seasonal flair, so it’d be a cozy romantic read for Christmas Day. A cup of hot spiced tea in a fancy teacup, a nice crackling fire in the fireplace, and ‘Birdie Saves The World’. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate after all your family and friends go home.

I’m so excited about Birdie. And since I’m so revved about this book, I thought I’d post the blurb so you can see what its about.

But Before I get to the blurb, let me remind you that there is a new contest going on for the month of December. You can read about it and enter by going up to the Contest Page here. Anybody re-tweeting, ping backing, commenting, pinning etc on any post during the Month of December is eligible. I’m giving away free books, bookmarks, & even some amber heart earrings in honor of ‘Mercy’s Heart’. Sure hope you’ll enter the contest.

Now on to the blurb:

Quirky Birdie O’Brien’s life is a juggling act. Her artistic career compliments the non-profit she’s started. Her colorful and eclectic circle of friends lightens the snobbish aristocratic disdain of her Old Money Savannah roots. Her dull and conventional fiancée never challenges her authentic faith. Her whole life is a monument to delicate balance and hard won moderation.  Her control is legendary…

Until Shiloh Buchannan returns. He’s a wrong side of the tracks Old School Southern Bad Boy. Run out of Savannah ten years ago he’s back. And he’s almost unrecognizable. All dark seduction and malicious intentions, he’s returned to claim his revenge. Birdie’s family is his target and she’s his weapon of choice.

Back in the day they shared something rare and wonderful. Now they are merely hostile strangers. Aching heartbreak, mind numbing intrigue, simmering chemistry, sweet romance, and deep abiding faith collide as Birdie struggles to save her world.

If you like your Inspirational Romance tart, sweet, and just a little spicy ‘Birdie Saves The World’ may be your glass of sweet iced tea. 


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