Carried Away Available Today!

CarriedAway cover 2


My Inspirational Cowboy Romance is available today in the Kindle Store. At only $2.99 it is a fun and frugal read. If you like cowboy romance but have always wanted it written from a Christian world-view Carried Away might be for you.

It’s not your Mama’s Inspirational Romance. There is a nice component of simmering chemistry between the main characters Carrie Smith and Gage Ferguson.  Here’s the linky:  Carried Away   

And here’s the blurb:

Burnt Hickory, Montana, population 2,000 is the perfect place to live. At least that’s what the Witness Protection folks claim. Carrie Smith isn’t so sure. Four years ago she was a super model. Everything changed the day her father was murdered by a Mexican Drug Lord. Now she’s a frumpy kindergarten teacher waiting to testify in a trial meant to win justice for her Dad.

Gage Ferguson is an ex-Army Ranger who runs his family ranch in Burnt Hickory. He’s a new Christian with a violent and promiscuous past. Gabe’s trying real hard to change his ways. But circumstances just keep getting in his way.

Sparks fly the minute they meet in the town’s only elevator. Both decide to judiciously avoid the other.

Then an old army buddy calls Gage asking for a favor…

Funny, heartwarming, and a wild ride from start to finish, ‘Carried Away’ combines all the heart stopping adventure of an action movie with the quirky charm of a romantic comedy.

If you like your Inspirational Romance with an alpha-male and a spunky heroine, you’ll love ‘Carried Away’


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