Happy New Year’s Eve

Losing Faith

I was up early this morning reading my Bible and writing a recap of the year in my daily journal. I was amazed to see God’s hand all over my life last year. His blessings were enormous.

On happy notes our wonderful son got married to an amazing young woman. I love her like a daughter. Jon knows he’s a blessed man and he tells her all the time. Which is so sweet to hear.

My mother moved into a senior village and is tickled pink with her new friends and daily card playing opportunities. At 84 she’s in perfect health and will probably still be playing gin rummy when the angel’s trumpet sounds.

Our daughter and son-in-law moved closer so I got to spend lots of quality time with my adorable grandson. [I’m not objective about him, sorry, it’s just impossible.] My daughter is my best female friend. She and I have had many, many wild and hilarious adventures together over the years.

My husband and I celebrated 38 blissful years together right before the holidays. He’s my soul mate. I thank the Lord for him every single day. And I still think he’s the best looking guy I’ve ever seen. If you wonder why my novel’s heroes are so attractive, you can thank him. They all are him in some iteration. His laugh, his quirky eyebrow lift, his dry sense of humor. Yep, he still does it for me after all these years.

From my personal goal list I’ve had 4 novels published this year. And from the mails, messages, and repins it seems folks are enjoying them. Some people have taken the time to let me know how God spoke to them through the books. What a blessing that’s been! I remain amazed at what God can do with my feeble efforts.

Like everybody else, my year wasn’t entirely sunshine and roses. We lost my father-in-law this past Summer. And my Aunt is suffering from the effects of several massive strokes. She lost her business of over 50 years today. I’ve been praying for that side of the family all day long.

My sweet Basset Hound mix Ernie had to be put down earlier in the year. I still miss him and think I hear his foot steps on the wood floors here sometimes.  He was an elderly old fellow and had lived a great life, but it was really hard to let him go.


All in all it’s been an amazing year. I hope yours has been just as full and rich.

Tomorrow I start work on ‘Losing Faith’. It’s plotted out and ready for me to write. I’ve been praying about it for over a month. It’s the next installment in The ChristKeepers series. Medieval England is hard to resist this time of year. So I’ll be tucked up in my office typing away. ‘Faith’ is set for an Easter release. It’ll have another beautiful Amy DeLoach cover. She does amazing work. Check out ‘Mercy’s Heart’ and ‘Birdie Saves The World’ to see what an incredible artist she is.

Anyhoo, ‘Faith’ is going to be a wild ride. Every morning I wake up with some new tweak God inspires me to add. My favorite so far is the fact that each of her siblings is named for a Fruit of the Spirit. And those siblings run the gamut from wildly unorthodox to sternly buttoned down.

Before I go let me encourage you to enter my book giveaway. It’s over tonight at midnight. If you miss that opportunity you can look me up on GoodReads. I’ve got another giveaway going on over there.

Hope you are planning a grateful New Year’s Eve- we are here at my house. Tucked up on a cold Winter night with folks you love eating a take out pizza is our kind of celebration. More in the New Year. Love Never Fails, Grace



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