New Rack Cards!

I’ve had a wonderful time this evening creating new rack cards for my books. I love rack cards because they’re a wider more luxurious bookmark. A bookmark with character, so to speak. And I have sort of a thing for bookmarks.

OK, it’s more than a thing. I probably need a 12 step program for my ‘delight’ in bookmarks *sigh*.

They’re my souvenir of choice from every vacation we’ve ever taken. And I even like to make them to give as gifts. My favs are the ones I made with wild violets I dried between the pages of my Granny’s old Bible.

And I like to tuck a few rack cards in along with my book giveaway mailings. Just a little added gift to say ‘thanks for playing’.

Anyhoo, I’ve spent a marvelous night curled up in my comfy chair with my buzzing laptop making rack cards. The old pendulum clock is ticking away in the Living Room. The tinkling wind chimes on the front porch are singing. It’s been paradise on Earth for me.

I hope you approve of my humble efforts with the bookmarks. Please enter my contests so you can get a few of your own.  The GoodReads contests end tomorrow. But the one here at the Blog runs all month. Don’t forget The Giftlings is still available for 1.99 until midnight. And Birdie is free this weekend.


Everybody deserves a ‘Happily Ever After’. Find yours in a Grace Walton book!

Love Never Fails, Grace


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