Need a Heartwarming Snow Day Read?

It’s cold today!!! Wow! that’s a massive understatement! Even down here in the Deep South we’re sipping hot drinks and eating a whole lot of stews. I made our family’s favorite stew- Slumgullion today. I have to admit there’s something so comforting in eating a piping hot stew and looking out a window at the freezing winter day.

And there’s something very cozy about curling up in your favorite chair  with a pretty tea-cup of hot spiced tea, a fuzzy throw, and a really heartwarming book. Of all my novels I think both Carried Away and Birdie Saves The World make good winter night reads.

They’re both Cinderella stories. Carried Away is set out west in wonderful Montana. I confess I fell really hard for the hero Gage Ferguson.  Who wouldn’t fall in love with a hot damaged hero trying to change his life. And Carrie, the heroine, is so spunky and funny. She’s a real survivor.  I love the way she changes over the course of the story.

Birdie Saves The World is set in the hometown of my heart Savannah, Ga. I miss Savannah so much sometimes my teeth ache. Although it’s been almost 25 years since we left, I still count the years we spent there as some of the best of my life. Birdie is a quirky Christian artist who has finally gotten her life all worked out. She’s got a non-profit, a dull fiance, a circle of crazy friends, and her faith. Then Shiloh Buchannan shows back up in town. He’s a self-made billionaire who, years ago, was her family’s pool boy. But Birdie’s father ruined Shiloh’s chances of getting into law school. Now he’s all about revenge but Birdie, well she’s all about redemption. Their story would warm up any cold night.

I was hard at work in my office today. Breaking Faith, the second novel in The ChristKeepers Medieval Romance is starting to really take shape. It usually takes me about twenty pages to start liking my characters. Today I hit that point in Breaking Faith and I’m really happy with the way its going. Faith is going to be a strong funny character. And I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Ian MacAllister. He’s so very damaged and now that he’s a Christian his adventures are just getting more heartbreaking. In Breaking Faith, he’s trying to find his lost son.

Hope you’re somewhere warm and tucked up tonight. Oh by the way, I gave away over 2,500 copies of Birdie last weekend. If you downloaded one, I sure hope you enjoy it!


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