Breaking Faith Update

Faith in Breaking Faith

I’ve changed the name on my work in progress to Breaking Faith. And I must say this manuscript is fun, fun, fun. Who knew Faith was going to be such a lovable spunky heroine?

Like a lot of writers I write from a pretty detailed outline. I know where the story’s going and how it’s going to get there before I even write the first page. But a funny thing always happens as I work down my outline. The characters sort of take over and go in directions I never thought they would.

And that’s exactly what’s happening with the Faith manuscript. I’m in Chapter Three and I’m already in love, love, love with the hero- dark and dangerous Ian MacAllister, Laird of Clan MacAllister.

His past is horrible and try as he might, he just can’t seem to pray it away. He’s carrying a burden God never meant for him to carry. Ian believes he needs to ‘clean up his act’ before he’s really forgiven. You can probably guess how that’s going for him.

And…he’s searching for the son he thought died as an infant. So he’s trudging through a frigid winter in Medieval Scotland going from village to village running down leads.

He gets to the village of Sulksbury and his whole world turns upside down! Suddenly he’s dealing with a village healer who definitely has a mind of her own. Her father is the Abbot of the local Abbey. And her half siblings are all named after the Fruits of the Spirit. Her brother, the village blacksmith, is Pax. But he’s far from a peaceful man.

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion he’ll be getting a book of his own somewhere down the road. Whew!! This story is a whirlwind. It’s been funny and heartbreaking all at the same time.

I like a book that will make you laugh and cry. Hopefully this one will when its finished.

I had to do a whole lot of research for this novel. Which was a joy as I’m a history nerd. But one of the most amazing facts I discovered was that Benedictine monks in those days took their vows after a 5 year ‘apprenticeship’. And here’s the shocker- there was no vow of chastity. It was implied and understood that those taking up holy orders would be celibate- but they weren’t required to make such a vow.

That left the door open for Faith’s father to play fast and loose with the rules. Before he took his vows he was something of a Medieval rake with the local ladies. Of course as the novel begins he’s older and much wiser. And he sure is a fun character to write :).

Anyhoo, hope you’re safe and warm and reading a good book- hopefully one of mine LOL. And please don’t forget to enter this month’s contest by retweeting, repinning, following, pingbacking [is that even a word :)], subscribing, or commenting

Love Never Fails- Grace


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