I’m in Love With Paxy!

Yes, I have fallen in love with one of the characters in Breaking Faith.  If you stop by here often you know I’m living vicariously in Eleventh Century Scotland right now. I’ve got Medieval research books scattered all over the house. Celtic music  is playing in my office. A spicy scented candle is burning on my desk. And I’m typing away on my computer. Every once in a while I stretch my fingers and look out the office’s second story window to watch the creek flow by below. Happily the second novel in The ChristKeepers series is flowing along too. And that brings me to the title of this post and my inordinate affection for little Paxy.

He’s the long lost son Ian MacAllister is slogging through a bitter Scottish Winter searching for. Paxy is cheeky and smart and usually up to no good. He gets himself into more scrapes than any child ever should. He’s an adorable rascal.

Of course his Aunt Faith isn’t going to surrender him to his father Ian. A father, I might add, whom Paxy never knew he had. A father with zero skills in parenting. A father who is the richest lord in Scotland and is being courted by the King of England for his wayward daughter Princess Matilda. If you’ve read Mercy’s Heart, you know Matilda [Mattie] is no angel herself.

Poor Ian has  a complicated life. He’s fighting his growing attraction to Faith, trying to be a good parent to Paxy, and fending off the advances of that scamp of a Princess- Mattie. All at the same time.

As usual, there’s plenty of humor and just as much heartbreak. I do love an angsty romance. Almost as much as I love a damaged hero. But that’s a post for another day.

Hope your world is warm and cozy tonight.

Love Never Fails, Grace


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