Carried Away #18!

CarriedAway cover 2

Woohoo! Marketing called me today to tell me that Carried Away was number 18 in its category on amazon. Happy Dances All Around! Such exciting news! 

If you’re one of the folks whose purchase made that happen- Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate your buying my books. Hopefully God used one of my stories to speak to you. I know He does that for me as I’m writing. Sometimes I’ll be typing along working my way down my outline for a book and suddenly the characters take a sharp turn. Before I know it I’ll look back at something spiritual I’ve written and say to myself, “Did that come from me?” And the answer is a resounding ‘no’!

I’m a firm believer that God has a plan. A plan for good for them that believe. I’m just as proud as punch that sometimes He includes my small efforts into the mix.

Hope you’re having a great weekend. I sure am. I spent the day in my office fine tuning some things. Hubby worked in the yard and is now in his ham shack [he’s a rabid ham radio aficionado]. Daughter called to let me know all’s well in her world. Talked to my elderly mother this morning- she’s such a blessing to me! And drum roll please…..I drive a really old car that is like a member of the family to me. She’s a 2003 Miata. I got her off of eBay and dragged my husband down to Florida one rainy Saturday to fetch her home.  This morning my husband and I took her for a new paint job. I resisted the urge to go with pink- too Barbie. And it was hard to not go with turquoise…my favorite color. In the end I decided to go with a repeat of the silver she was made with.

So I’m without wheels this week. I should get a lot of writing done, right? 1/4 through the new Medieval & I must say I’m loving it!

More in the next day or two.

Love Never Fails, Grace


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