Monthly Archives: April 2014

God’s Hidden Opportunities

I’ve been experiencing a lot of God’s hidden opportunities lately. On the plus side, my wonderful husband and I are moving to the beach. Yes, I’ve been doing the happy dance for over a month now. We’ve always wanted to live at the beach but the chance never presented itself. Near the end of February we saw an ad, drove seven hours to see our new place, fell in love, and bought it the first day it was on the market.

We named it Sea Glass Cottage. I’ll be sure and keep everybody updated on our impending move. I’ll post lots of pictures too.

On the challenging side, I went on a business trip with my darling husband and while out sightseeing I tripped on a cobblestone sidewalk, took a header, and broke my wrist in two places….and to make this more mmm memorable…I did all this in- wait for it- Romania. I got a souvenir I hadn’t planned on. Yes, Grace may be my name, but obviously it’s not one of my strengths.

Surgery ensued. Along with an impressive fiberglass splint. And a titanium plate with many tiny screws. Ouch!!!

So I’m typing this post with my left hand and one finger of my right hand. This of course has slowed the progress of my current manuscript. But some things are moving along as planned. The book cover for this Medieval is in its final stages. Can’t wait to post it here so you can see it. The cover art is amazing.

I’d sure appreciate your prayers. In the meantime, I’m looking on the bright side. God has a good reason for everything He allows in my life. And I’m embracing His will and leaning on His strength. More soon.