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Congratulations to Rachel Greensburg!

CarriedAway cover 2I’ve had two book give-aways going this month. The one over at GoodReads ended yesterday. Lots of folks entered that particular contest, If I was a wealthy woman I would give a copy of one of my books to all of you. But I’m not wealthy, except in family and friends :). The GoodReads winner is Rachel Greensburg. I put Rachel’s prize, a copy of the first book in my Montana Miracles series- Carried Away, in the mail today. I sure hope she enjoys reading it!

The give-away here at the blog is running until midnight tonight. If you’d like to enter, just go up to the toolbar and click on Contest to learn how.

Hope your weekend’s starting off well. I’ve been watching a school of dolphins play in the bay from my deck this afternoon. I’m constantly amazed at the lovely world God made and the interesting creatures He created to fill it.

Love Never Fails


Finished Chapter 10 of Faith’s Keys

Sea Glass at TwilightToday was such a productive writing day for me here at Sea Glass. Even with the place full of workmen doing home repair for us I was able to tuck myself up in the office and get 18 pages written. It’s always fun to see where the characters are going to go. And Ian MacAllister has been one of my favorite heroes to write.

He’s so conflicted about his life. And he’s so in love with Faith, a woman he can never marry. Tomorrow starts Chapter 11. And I’m officially halfway through with this particular manuscript. Faith is on the run and Ian is set to marry the King of England’s petulant daughter.

Here’s a shot we took from the lower deck this evening as the sun set over Sea Glass. The weather is perfect. Warm days and cool nights. Fish were hitting the water tonight and I admired the technique of a man floating by on a big paddle board before the sun finally sank below the horizon.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Harry the HeronThis has been the most restful Sunday afternoon. My office is finally set up. I found the perfect antique white drop leaf writing desk. My wonderful husband set it up and tomorrow morning I’ll be ready to tackle ‘Faith’s Keys’ in earnest.

As for today, we spent the day quietly recharging our batteries for the upcoming work week. My husband pushed off from the beach in front of Sea Glass for a lazy kayak paddle around the bay after lunch. I reviewed my notes and outline for ‘Faith’s Keys’.

The featured image is of our resident heron. He/she strides majestically down the beach each morning searching in the churning waves for tiny silver minnows.This morning I looked up from my Bible during my quiet time on the porch and stopped for several long moments thanking the Lord for all the beauty surrounding me-including this simple bird. <a

Settling Into Sea Glass Cottage

Sunset at Sea Glass There is nothing finer than sitting on one of the decks here at Sea Glass and brainstorming about a future or current book. Although it is sometimes hard for me to stay focused because I get distracted by the sea life and shore birds, I try to keep my mind disciplined…sort of.

But I can honestly say that some of the best story lines I’ve developed have come to me as my mind was trained on something else. Like the pulse of the waves hitting the beach. Or the smell of salt air and somebody barbecuing down the beach.

My office here is not set up as yet. So I can’t do any serious novel finishing, but I sure have enjoyed blogging on my ancient laptop as the sun sinks over the calm sea. And sharing this season of my life with you. The image is courtesy of my wonderful husband and his very smart phone 🙂 .

More tomorrow- Love Never Fails, Grace

Twists to the Plot of Faith’s Keys

joie's keysLast night I couldn’t seem to get to sleep because my mind was being flooded with interesting new plot twists for my current manuscript- Faith’s Keys. Well, to be completely honest the book and the weather kept me up.

A serious cold front was moving across the bay and it had our porch rockers and swing moving of their own accord on the decks facing the water. If you’ve ever experienced such an event you know what I’m talking about. The normally comforting rhythmic creak of the chains supporting the swing take on a whole other sinister vibe at 3 o’clock in the morning!

In any case, I used my time awake to pray and ask the Lord to give me guidance with Faith’s Keys. I’m really excited about some of the new directions He’s leading me into for this particular novel. I especially love how Faith [the heroine of the novel] is so strong, yet also so committed to living a God centered life.

She’s taken every hard thing the world has thrown her way. Her back-story is heartbreaking. She’s taken all those crushing circumstances, turned them over to God, and become stronger as a result. She’s got an unshakable strength of character and an appealing femininity at the same time. She’s the gal I want to be when times get tough.

I do love historical romance- the Medieval time frame in particular. So writing a historical novel is always a treat for me. But I also want my books to communicate a Godly message. A message of hope and encouragement to those who choose to read them. I’m a great believer in the power of the printed word. Because the Lord has used it so many times in my own life to guide and correct me.

More soon- Hope your day is both blessed and productive. Love Never Fails- Grace

Cover Preview – Faith’s Keys

faithskeysI thought I’d post the cover for my upcoming Medieval [second ChristKeepers novel to be released this Summer] in case anybody would like a sneak peek. This is probably not the final iteration of it, but I think the cover artist- the fabulous Amy DeLoach – did a stupendous job of capturing the flavor of the novel. She especially caught the character of Faith.

Faith is a strong and independent young woman. She’s an anomaly for Medieval Scotland. She’s the unacknowledged natural daughter of a noblewoman and a very rich and powerful Abbot. She’s educated and skilled in healing. Yet she really has no place in the tightly regimented and class conscious society of her time.

Scorned as a peasant and feared for her medicinal skills [in those days some medicines were actually poisonous if dosages were manipulated], she’s struggling to find her place in the world. Then she foolishly falls in love with a man so far above her humble station the idea of their marrying is both frivolous and treasonous.

Faith will need to learn not only how to surrender to God’s will. She’ll need to realize that praying for true faith is not petitioning the Lord for sight. But rather it’s begging Him for a hope that only He can supply.

Hope you like the new cover. Please don’t forget to enter my monthly contest for a signed Grace Walton novel. Just click on Contest in the header to learn how to enter.

Update From Sea Glass

home sweet home We’re finally getting settled in here at Sea Glass Cottage. I went for my first four mile walk this morning. It was wonderful! My writing schedule should be settling back to normal very soon. I have to admit, now that my wrist is healing, I’ve been staying awake at night thinking about Ian and Faith [Faith’s Keys] and where their story is going.

Thanks to all the folks who have sent me their well wishes and prayers! I’ve cherished each of you and your many, many kindnesses. If I didn’t reach out personally to you, it’s because in the move, surgery, etc. I may have lost your contact details. For that I truly do apologize.

I’ll leave you an image from Sea Glass so you’ll get a sense of where my world is these days. Love Never Fails- Grace