Cover Preview – Faith’s Keys

faithskeysI thought I’d post the cover for my upcoming Medieval [second ChristKeepers novel to be released this Summer] in case anybody would like a sneak peek. This is probably not the final iteration of it, but I think the cover artist- the fabulous Amy DeLoach – did a stupendous job of capturing the flavor of the novel. She especially caught the character of Faith.

Faith is a strong and independent young woman. She’s an anomaly for Medieval Scotland. She’s the unacknowledged natural daughter of a noblewoman and a very rich and powerful Abbot. She’s educated and skilled in healing. Yet she really has no place in the tightly regimented and class conscious society of her time.

Scorned as a peasant and feared for her medicinal skills [in those days some medicines were actually poisonous if dosages were manipulated], she’s struggling to find her place in the world. Then she foolishly falls in love with a man so far above her humble station the idea of their marrying is both frivolous and treasonous.

Faith will need to learn not only how to surrender to God’s will. She’ll need to realize that praying for true faith is not petitioning the Lord for sight. But rather it’s begging Him for a hope that only He can supply.

Hope you like the new cover. Please don’t forget to enter my monthly contest for a signed Grace Walton novel. Just click on Contest in the header to learn how to enter.


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