Twists to the Plot of Faith’s Keys

joie's keysLast night I couldn’t seem to get to sleep because my mind was being flooded with interesting new plot twists for my current manuscript- Faith’s Keys. Well, to be completely honest the book and the weather kept me up.

A serious cold front was moving across the bay and it had our porch rockers and swing moving of their own accord on the decks facing the water. If you’ve ever experienced such an event you know what I’m talking about. The normally comforting rhythmic creak of the chains supporting the swing take on a whole other sinister vibe at 3 o’clock in the morning!

In any case, I used my time awake to pray and ask the Lord to give me guidance with Faith’s Keys. I’m really excited about some of the new directions He’s leading me into for this particular novel. I especially love how Faith [the heroine of the novel] is so strong, yet also so committed to living a God centered life.

She’s taken every hard thing the world has thrown her way. Her back-story is heartbreaking. She’s taken all those crushing circumstances, turned them over to God, and become stronger as a result. She’s got an unshakable strength of character and an appealing femininity at the same time. She’s the gal I want to be when times get tough.

I do love historical romance- the Medieval time frame in particular. So writing a historical novel is always a treat for me. But I also want my books to communicate a Godly message. A message of hope and encouragement to those who choose to read them. I’m a great believer in the power of the printed word. Because the Lord has used it so many times in my own life to guide and correct me.

More soon- Hope your day is both blessed and productive. Love Never Fails- Grace


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