Finished Chapter 10 of Faith’s Keys

Sea Glass at TwilightToday was such a productive writing day for me here at Sea Glass. Even with the place full of workmen doing home repair for us I was able to tuck myself up in the office and get 18 pages written. It’s always fun to see where the characters are going to go. And Ian MacAllister has been one of my favorite heroes to write.

He’s so conflicted about his life. And he’s so in love with Faith, a woman he can never marry. Tomorrow starts Chapter 11. And I’m officially halfway through with this particular manuscript. Faith is on the run and Ian is set to marry the King of England’s petulant daughter.

Here’s a shot we took from the lower deck this evening as the sun set over Sea Glass. The weather is perfect. Warm days and cool nights. Fish were hitting the water tonight and I admired the technique of a man floating by on a big paddle board before the sun finally sank below the horizon.


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