Congratulations to Rachel Greensburg!

CarriedAway cover 2I’ve had two book give-aways going this month. The one over at GoodReads ended yesterday. Lots of folks entered that particular contest, If I was a wealthy woman I would give a copy of one of my books to all of you. But I’m not wealthy, except in family and friends :). The GoodReads winner is Rachel Greensburg. I put Rachel’s prize, a copy of the first book in my Montana Miracles series- Carried Away, in the mail today. I sure hope she enjoys reading it!

The give-away here at the blog is running until midnight tonight. If you’d like to enter, just go up to the toolbar and click on Contest to learn how.

Hope your weekend’s starting off well. I’ve been watching a school of dolphins play in the bay from my deck this afternoon. I’m constantly amazed at the lovely world God made and the interesting creatures He created to fill it.

Love Never Fails


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