Congrats to Shirley Martin-Tutolo!

Loving This New Cover for 'The Giftlings'

Loving This New Cover for ‘The Giftlings’

Congratulations to the May book Give Away winner Shirley Martin-Tutolo! I put Shirley’s Grace Walton novel in the mail this morning. I sure hope she enjoys reading it.

Shirley is receiving a copy of my supernatural YA novel The Giftlings. As with all my books The Giftlings has a Godly romance as a major component of the story.

Teenagers Madison Jones and Will Stone share a very unique spiritual gift that makes them a target for the evil forces of this world. He’s a wrong side of the tracks kind of guy and she’s an innocent pastor’s daughter. Together they struggle to defeat demons and ignore the escalating chemistry between them.

The Giftlings is a romantic adventure with plenty of Young Adult angst. If you want a tale with lots of action, a sweet love story, and flavors of the Biblical supernatural, The Giftlings would make you or your kids- middle school age and above- a great summer read.

Hope your having a great summer!


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