Busy Day at Sea Glass Cottage

Sunset From the Deck at Sea Glass Cottage

Sunset From the Deck at Sea Glass Cottage

Whew! It’s been a really busy day here at Sea Glass Cottage. We’re still tying up loads of moving issues. And I went for my big once a month shop this morning. Then my husband took me out for lunch to our favorite Mexican hang out near the beach. It’s a real old timey sand on the floor kind of joint, but I’m so in love with their burritos :).

And I picked up the new framed cover art this morning as well- I always have a 12 by 18 poster of my new book covers made when they are released. I get them framed and hang them on the wall. At our old home I had a big office where the wall over my desk was the spot where I had them all hung. But here at Sea Glass space is more limited so I have what my husband calls my ‘Hall of Fame’ LOL. The hall leading out of the room I use as my office is very long and narrow and it is just right for all those framed covers. This evening I will add the ‘Faith’s Keys’ cover to the others.

My husband and I agree we’re so blessed that in this season of our lives we both work from home. God has been very, very good to us. On that note I will say we love for folks to join us at the beach whenever they can. And July is shaping up to be a busy month for entertaining here at Sea Glass. There is nothing better than spending the day down on the beach or on the boat then coming home and sitting with your guests on the decks and sipping lemonade just around twilight. The sky turns an almost otherworldly blue before the sun actually sinks into the water.

But all that hospitality along with releasing a book, researching a book, plotting the next book, watching the sunset over the bay with my Sweetie from the upstairs deck’s old wicker swing, moving my mother into her new Senior Village, keeping the house clean & the clothes washed, walking 4 miles a day, and co hosting a virtual book release party will make July really busy.

I’m so looking forward to hosting the virtual book release party. The marketing folks have got a great line up of give-aways [gift cards, autographed books, autographed bookmarks, and Faith’s Keys inspired jewelry] and fun games for that evening. I heard a rumor about music down loads and door prizes as well. I’ll be live to answer any questions about my books. Should be a really fun night. Hope you can drop by.

I’ll leave you with an image from one of the decks here at Sea Glass. Love Never Fails, Grace


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