Beautiful Beta Readers

boy reading
I love, love, love beta readers. These are the ladies who get the book a month before publication and read it then give their feedback on it. And they are an invaluable resource for an author. Especially this author. 🙂

For ‘Faith’s Keys’ I’ve had two hard working beta readers I’d like to thank. I don’t want to publicize their full names but I will gladly brag on their credentials. They are both public school teachers- one was even the ‘Teacher of the Year’ in my home state not too long ago. Both of them are avid Inspirational Romance readers and very Godly ladies. The best kind of beta reader is an English teacher- Thanks Allison & Lauren!!!

‘Faith’s Keys’ will be a much better book thanks to your hard work and insightful feedback. God bless you and your sweet families!

I’m counting down the days till the release of ‘Faith’s Keys’, the newest book in The ChristKeepers series of Medieval Inspirational Fiction.


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