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Last Day to Enter This Month’s Book GiveAway!

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I sure hope you’ll take a moment to enter this month’s Book GiveAway. Just go up to Contest to find out how to get your chance to win. I’ll be putting the autographed novel, along with a few extra goodies in the mail tomorrow.

Most of you know that my dear husband and I have recently left the rambling farmhouse where we raised our kids to move to a charming cottage at the beach. We now live in a small coastal community. We love the slow friendly pace of life here. Our new world is sort of a microcosm of what the beach life must have been like in the 50’s.

It’s quiet, there are no big box stores, and all the small businesses are independently owned. Our Mexican restaurant has sand on the floor and Christmas twinkle lights decor. The grocery store sells fish bait in the Frozen Section. And our handy Pack & Ship features hand-made turquoise jewelry, local authors’ books, and local honey in canning jars. The Post Office is only open  for a couple of hours a day, and then only for a couple of days a week. Everybody wears flip flops- from the bank tellers to the pastors of the local churches. The rattier your flips look, the more you fit in with the natives.

So tomorrow when I send out the novel and goodies to this month’s Book GiveAway Winner, I’ll be shuffling into my oskbashis and going in to town. I’ll be chatting with Vicky [she owns the Pack & Ship], I’ll stop by our tiny coffee shop for a cup of non-Starbucks brew, and I’ll take a handful of my bookmarks over to our corner library. It sits across the street from the beach-side State Park. Needless to say, the library ladies will be thrilled to display the bookmarks. I’m not the only author in town- there’s several hereabouts, but those older ladies sure seem to like the look of my bookmarks- especially the cover models :).

Hope everything is great in your world. LNF, Grace


Kept Awake by The Last Rose Pearl!


The Last Rose Pearl, the Regency Inspirational Romance I’m working on, kept me awake last night. After my bedtime prayers, I kept mentally reviewing one scene in the book.  Actually it was just one pesky line of dialogue.

If you stop by here often, you know I began my writing life with screenwriting. Because of that, dialogue is very dear to my heart. My novels are very dialogue heavy. Most times when I’m crafting scenes with loads of dialogue, I’m seeing them as if they were a movie.

With that said, one awkward line can really hamper the flow of a scene. So I tend to agonize over specific characters’ dialogue. I typically spend the most time fine-tuning the principal characters’ speech. Their spoken words really define them, their personal conflicts, and their redemption. It’s crucial to get those right.

For that reason, one pivotal speech made by Dylan St. John kept me tossing and turning into the wee hours of the morning. By God’s grace, I hope I’ve solved the issue. And in retrospect all the extra attention to that one line has made Dylan a more defined and rich character.

But the getting there was surely fraught with plenty of effort and lost sleep :). I’m thrilled with the end result. And as always, it’s been both fun and challenging at the same time. I love the wild roller coaster that is creating a novel.

In closing, let me encourage you to please not let your chance to enter this month’s contest slip by. Just click on Contest to learn how to enter to win an autographed print copy of one of my novels.

Love Never Fails, Grace


Ready, Set, Write!

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I’ve had a person or two ask me about my writing environment lately. That is to say, they wanted to know my target schedule and how I stay motivated. So I thought I’d blog about that today.

In the last year and a half, I’ve had five books published. That doesn’t mean all those books were written in that time frame. A couple of them had been ‘practice’ manuscripts I’d played with for several years. Just like any other skill, writing has a serious learning curve. One I’m still riding, BTW! Those old ratty stories got serious rewrites last year and were subsequently published.

But the other novels I’ve published were written over the course of the eighteen months aforementioned. I’m not a super fast writer, but I am a creature of habit. So I’ll tell you the habits I’ve developed that work for me.

First and foremost I do a whole lot of praying. I get ragged about that from friends and family sometimes. But I think it’s the single most important thing I do when I set my mind to writing. And I’m not too proud to admit, I’ve asked critique partners to pray  as well, especially when the writing seems slow and labored. I truly believe God is the author and finisher of everything I do.

I try to write, edit, or polish 10 pages a day. I have a planner with these targets noted by day. I take great pleasure in putting a big fat X through the square on my calendar when my workday is done. OCD much, you might be thinking? I guess I am when it comes to completing writing goals. 🙂

As to my actual working space, I find I must have books around me to be comfortable. My wonderful and handy husband has built me many lovely sets of bookshelves over the years. Right now my office is a cute little nook. I have a great desk top and loads of shelves above it. On the shelves are research books [for my historicals], some personal items- a tiny sandalwood carved elephant my husband brought back to me from India, the photo of my grandma, and a host of great smelling candles.

When I write, I burn candles appropriate to the particular novel I’m writing. That along with great music set the mood for me and keep me focused. My Medieval novels call for spicy scented Christmas type candles. I usually stock up on these during the after Christmas sales every year. I tend to go with citrus scents for the contemporaries. As I’ve been finishing the rewrite on The Last Rose Pearl, I’ve been enjoying an herbal woodsy candle. It sort of transports me to the early 1800’s.

I do play music when I write. But I’m very low tech about it. I have collected a bunch of great CD’s from thrift stores over the years and I typically pick one and listen to it over and over on an old beat up CD player as I write a book. The Medievals call for the movie sound track from BraveHeart. I listened to the Broadway recording of Smoke on the Mountain while I wrote Birdie Saves The World. Completing TLRP I’ve enjoyed a CD of classical piano, they’re very Regency Romance. For The Giftlings, I used the soundtrack from Twilight.

And like some writers, I do use a very simple Inspiration Board for each novel. Basically I clip images from magazines and put them on a little magnetized white board I have. It’s nothing elaborate, just the hero, heroine, setting, and maybe one quirky image that captures the feel I’m going for in each story. For BSTW that quirky image was an old pink painted bicycle leaning against a brick wall. It had a basket filled with flowers attached to the handlebars.

Sorry this got so long, but I hope it gives you the peek into my writing world you’ve asked about.  Don’t miss out on this month’s Book GiveAway! Love Never Fails, Grace



Cover for The Last Rose Pearl!


I got to see the cover for my next novel today. The Last Rose Pearl is a Regency Inspirational Romance set in London and Savannah in 1813.

My family has a long, long history in Savannah. I had Revolutionary War officers from my paternal side who were wounded and taken prisoner by the British on Isle of Hope. One signed the Declaration of Independence and later became the Governor of Georgia.

Unfortunately he wasn’t a very good Governor… he’s kind of a black sheep in our family. One of many, I have to admit.

Anyhoo, Savannah has a really special place in my heart and I love to write novels that include the Old World ambience you feel just walking down the cobblestone streets there. My last contemporary, Birdie Saves The World has Savannah as its setting. If you ever get a chance, do yourself a favor and visit. I promise you won’t be sorry. 🙂

But back to TLRP, here is a sneak peek of the cover. I love it! And I hope my readers will too. Many thanks to Jimmy Thomas [the male cover model] and Ramona Lockwood [the cover artist]. They both really captured the feeling of the book.

Don’t forget to enter this month’s Book GiveAway! Just click on Contest to learn how to enter.

The Last Rose Pearl

Rory Windsor- Heroine of The Last Rose Pearl

Rory Windsor- Heroine of The Last Rose Pearl

I’m still working on the polish/rewrite of my 18 year old manuscript, The Last Rose Pearl. I wrote in an earlier post about the hero, Dylan St. John, becoming darker. In an Inspirational Romance sort of way, of course :).  Turns out , IMHO, he’s going to be one of my most compelling and damaged heroes ever.

I love that because, not only do I love angsty romance, I like the latitude it gives me in writing the redemption part of the story. Specifically Dylan’s redemption.

In the beginning chapters of the novel he’s so unbalanced by his reactions to the heroine, Rory Windsor, he shuts his emotions down. At least he tries to. But Rory is one of those plucky sunny types who has never met a curmudgeon she can’t charm.

You can tell I’m loving where this story is going, can’t you? I’ll post an inspiration image I’m using on my story board as I work on TLRP. Hope it gives you a peek at the heroine, Rory. She’s the perfect innocent foil to Dylan’s world weary darkness.

A word in closing- please don’t miss out on your chance to enter this month’s Book Giveaway. You can read the entry rules up under Contest.

Construction Site at Sea Glass Cottage!


My office is a construction site today. Since we moved to the beach, I’ve had to downsize my writing space. Instead of the rambling house we used to have, we now live in a cozy cottage. Sea Glass Cottage is just the right size for me and my dear husband. But work space is at a premium.

So- my handy man hubby 🙂 is building me a custom desk and shelves in a cute little nook. It has an ocean view and will be the perfect place for me to write, if I can keep my eyes on the keyboard instead of the water- LOL.

No writing is taking place today. But that’s probably a good thing. Everybody needs a break once in a while, right?

I’m hoping you’re having a nice restful start to your weekend just like I am. BTW, please don’t miss out on this month’s Autographed Book Giveaway. It runs till the end of the month. Details on how to enter are up above the banner under Contest.

Love Never Fails, Grace

Monthly Book Give-Away

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There’s just a few days left to enter my monthly Book Giveaway. The winner will receive an autographed copy of one of my books along with some extra freebies I like to add to the package.

All you need do is retweet, ping back, like, etc to enter. You’re entered every time you use the social media of your choice in that regard. So get going and enter the contest!

Love Never Fails, Grace Walton