Four Days & Counting!

Yep, there’s only four days till the newest novel in my Medieval Christian Romance series [The ChristKeepers] comes out. ‘Faith’s Keys’ has been a blast to write. I’m thoroughly in love with the hero, Ian MacAllister. Handsome., scarred, emotionally damaged, with a whole lot of baggage he’s a man who knows all about redemption. And he’s learned about it the hard way.

Faith of Sulksbury turned out to be one of the most fun characters I’ve ever written. She’s just so darned hopeful :). Nothing gets this lass down for long. Not her low position in a regimented society or her poverty. She’s happy with her herbs and her strays. She’s got a ramshackle shack, two former prostitute roomies, and a big shaggy dog who does a great ‘playing dead’ imitation. Oh, and she’s raising her orphaned nephew, As it turns out, he isn’t quite the orphan everyone thought.

He’s the kidnapped son of Ian MacAllister. You can see this is a fine recipe for conflict. But it’s also the most sweet love story I’ve ever penned.

Hope you give it a try on Tuesday when it’s released. And don’t forget to drop by here for the Book Blitz that evening. We’ll be giving away gift cards, two Betsy Johnson necklaces with charms that relate to the book, Grace Walton autographed books, and other cool stuff. See you then!

Love Never Fails, Grace


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