One Day Left! Faith’s Keys Releases Tomorrow!

Ian MacAllister Laird of Clan MacAllister

Ian MacAllister Laird of Clan MacAllister

I’m so excited about the release of ‘Faith’s Keys’ tomorrow! The Book Blitz, tomorrow night, the marketing folks have planned should be a lot of fun. And I’m hoping and praying this book speaks to folks and that God uses it. He taught me so much while I was writing it!

The key theme of FK is forgiveness. It’s all about how the two main characters, Faith and Ian, experience God’s peace, mercy, and forgiveness as the story unfolds. It all takes place in Early Medieval Scotland along the border with England. It is a work of fiction and not a history text book, so I’ve played with the era and the people in it a little bit. But for the most part it gives you a real flavor of how it would have been to live in those times.

It takes place mostly in the late winter and early spring- so there’s a frosty refreshing feel to the story. And my favorite scene is the one where the whole family is celebrating Christmas. All the characters you loved in ‘Mercy’s Heart’ make an appearance in FK. So you get to see what’s happened to them over the years. Writing this book was sort of like going to a family reunion for me :). Hope you think so as well!

The book includes a recipe for a soft Medieval Mead and a Book Club Discussion Guide. Tomorrow when ‘Faith’s Keys’ is a available, I sure hope you’ll get yourself a copy and enjoy being transported to Medieval Scotland.


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