18 Years & Counting!

Yes, you read that right. Eighteen years ago I wrote my very first novel. I shopped it around and got some interest and great feedback. Ultimately it was not published. So I stored those little neon floppy disks away. But I’ve never forgotten that story and how much I loved it.

So that leads me to today. According to my agreement with CleanHeart Publishing, I’ve got a down month. That means I can take at least a month off from writing to recharge my batteries before moving on to my next commitment for them- a Godly Supernatural novel.

I’ve got that book back-storied, character planned, setting written, and conflicts decided upon. All I need to do is outline the novel and write it.

Then I will begin work on the next Montana Miracles book- Hollister’s story.  The characters, settings, & back-story are done on this one too.

Then CleanHeart is interested in an idea I’ve been playing with for a couple of years for a   Non-Fiction book. A practical how-to book for Godly women on finding their way in a fallen world. It’s to have lots of tips on frugality, family relationships, Bible study, organization of the home, & some old fashioned housekeeping advice.

But…my kids are both clamoring for me to write a novella based on a screenplay I developed about ten years ago. It would make a great novella, if I can fit it in somewhere. Even as adults, they still love the story and the premise. I think it could flesh out to about 100 pages.

But the eighteen years I refer to in this post’s title is all about that first novel of mine sitting on those dusty floppys. My husband, the computer genius, retrieved and repaired as many of those old corrupted files as possible. Lo and behold he got them all. Some from the floppys and one from a printed manuscript I found in a box in the bottom of a closet. He scanned and  saved that one to Word.

Honestly these files are a mess. The formatting is horrible and there’s a lot to be polished…a whole, whole lot. But I’ve decided to do a polish and rewrite on this old thing during my down month.  I think I must be crazy to do this, but I know this story will touch hearts.

So I’m going to be heads down working through August on The Last Rose Pearl. It’s a historical set in London and Savannah during the Regency period. Pray for me! I’m going to need God’s help – lot’s of it!

More later, Love Never Fails, Grace


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