Dylan St. James is Morphing!


Yes, I’ve been hard at work on the rewrite of The last Rose Pearl, and I must say I really love the direction the hero, Dylan St. James, is taking.

18 years ago when I wrote this novel ,I was just starting out. I hadn’t published anything! The magazine columns, screenplays, and newspaper articles were somewhere far off in the misty future. The awards and television stuff weren’t even a dream. The movie wasn’t even on my radar. And I was an avid, read rabid, Regency Romance reader.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so dear old Georgette Heyer must have been smiling down from Heaven on me. Cause I wanted to write just like her! That was back in the day before I learned to pray a whole lot and let God help me develop my own writing style.

Reading this old manuscript, of TLRP, I see where my own style has taken me. Away from pouffy dandies to real-guy kinds of heroes who are damaged and need redemption. And heroines who aren’t always Barbara Cartland perfect [blonde, slim, & soft-spoken].

So with all that said, Dylan St. John is becoming tougher, harder, and more damaged while still maintaining a hidden sense of honor and loyalty. I love that in a man, don’t you?

Anyhow, Dylan is on his way to becoming my favorite hero yet, aside from my dearest husband, of course :).

Here’s another inspiration image I’m using as I re-write.  The model is Jimmy Thomas who is also on the cover of my novel, Carried Away- the 1st book in the Montana Miracles Series. He’ll be on the cover of TLRP too.

Love Never Fails, Grace


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