Construction Site at Sea Glass Cottage!


My office is a construction site today. Since we moved to the beach, I’ve had to downsize my writing space. Instead of the rambling house we used to have, we now live in a cozy cottage. Sea Glass Cottage is just the right size for me and my dear husband. But work space is at a premium.

So- my handy man hubby šŸ™‚ is building me a custom desk and shelves in a cute little nook. It has an ocean view and will be the perfect place for me to write, if I can keep my eyes on the keyboard instead of the water- LOL.

No writing is taking place today. But that’s probably a good thing. Everybody needs a break once in a while, right?

I’m hoping you’re having a nice restful start to your weekend just like I am. BTW, please don’t miss out on this month’s Autographed Book Giveaway. It runs till the end of the month. Details on how to enter are up above the banner under Contest.

Love Never Fails, Grace


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