The Last Rose Pearl

Rory Windsor- Heroine of The Last Rose Pearl

Rory Windsor- Heroine of The Last Rose Pearl

I’m still working on the polish/rewrite of my 18 year old manuscript, The Last Rose Pearl. I wrote in an earlier post about the hero, Dylan St. John, becoming darker. In an Inspirational Romance sort of way, of course :).  Turns out , IMHO, he’s going to be one of my most compelling and damaged heroes ever.

I love that because, not only do I love angsty romance, I like the latitude it gives me in writing the redemption part of the story. Specifically Dylan’s redemption.

In the beginning chapters of the novel he’s so unbalanced by his reactions to the heroine, Rory Windsor, he shuts his emotions down. At least he tries to. But Rory is one of those plucky sunny types who has never met a curmudgeon she can’t charm.

You can tell I’m loving where this story is going, can’t you? I’ll post an inspiration image I’m using on my story board as I work on TLRP. Hope it gives you a peek at the heroine, Rory. She’s the perfect innocent foil to Dylan’s world weary darkness.

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