Kept Awake by The Last Rose Pearl!


The Last Rose Pearl, the Regency Inspirational Romance I’m working on, kept me awake last night. After my bedtime prayers, I kept mentally reviewing one scene in the book.  Actually it was just one pesky line of dialogue.

If you stop by here often, you know I began my writing life with screenwriting. Because of that, dialogue is very dear to my heart. My novels are very dialogue heavy. Most times when I’m crafting scenes with loads of dialogue, I’m seeing them as if they were a movie.

With that said, one awkward line can really hamper the flow of a scene. So I tend to agonize over specific characters’ dialogue. I typically spend the most time fine-tuning the principal characters’ speech. Their spoken words really define them, their personal conflicts, and their redemption. It’s crucial to get those right.

For that reason, one pivotal speech made by Dylan St. John kept me tossing and turning into the wee hours of the morning. By God’s grace, I hope I’ve solved the issue. And in retrospect all the extra attention to that one line has made Dylan a more defined and rich character.

But the getting there was surely fraught with plenty of effort and lost sleep :). I’m thrilled with the end result. And as always, it’s been both fun and challenging at the same time. I love the wild roller coaster that is creating a novel.

In closing, let me encourage you to please not let your chance to enter this month’s contest slip by. Just click on Contest to learn how to enter to win an autographed print copy of one of my novels.

Love Never Fails, Grace



7 thoughts on “Kept Awake by The Last Rose Pearl!

    1. Living By Grace Post author

      Hi Danie,
      Nice to hear from you. And nice to have you enter this month’s contest too!
      LNF, Grace

      1. Living By Grace Post author

        Hi Hello hiya,
        I love compliments! They are so encouraging, and the fact that yours came up a few times is just extra icing on a cake :). LNF, Grace

  1. Donna Bullington King

    I love all your books. You keep the stories coming even though I am losing sleep. I am all caught up now. I am looking forward for The Last Rose Pearl to come out. I love the cover because it is so vivid and intrigues me.

    1. Living By Grace Post author

      Hey Donna,
      Thanks a bunch for your comment! It’s always great to hear from you. I’m working hard on TLRP. I sure hope you’ll like it! Blessings to you! LNF, Grace


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