Last Day to Enter This Month’s Book GiveAway!

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I sure hope you’ll take a moment to enter this month’s Book GiveAway. Just go up to Contest to find out how to get your chance to win. I’ll be putting the autographed novel, along with a few extra goodies in the mail tomorrow.

Most of you know that my dear husband and I have recently left the rambling farmhouse where we raised our kids to move to a charming cottage at the beach. We now live in a small coastal community. We love the slow friendly pace of life here. Our new world is sort of a microcosm of what the beach life must have been like in the 50’s.

It’s quiet, there are no big box stores, and all the small businesses are independently owned. Our Mexican restaurant has sand on the floor and Christmas twinkle lights decor. The grocery store sells fish bait in the Frozen Section. And our handy Pack & Ship features hand-made turquoise jewelry, local authors’ books, and local honey in canning jars. The Post Office is only open  for a couple of hours a day, and then only for a couple of days a week. Everybody wears flip flops- from the bank tellers to the pastors of the local churches. The rattier your flips look, the more you fit in with the natives.

So tomorrow when I send out the novel and goodies to this month’s Book GiveAway Winner, I’ll be shuffling into my oskbashis and going in to town. I’ll be chatting with Vicky [she owns the Pack & Ship], I’ll stop by our tiny coffee shop for a cup of non-Starbucks brew, and I’ll take a handful of my bookmarks over to our corner library. It sits across the street from the beach-side State Park. Needless to say, the library ladies will be thrilled to display the bookmarks. I’m not the only author in town- there’s several hereabouts, but those older ladies sure seem to like the look of my bookmarks- especially the cover models :).

Hope everything is great in your world. LNF, Grace


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