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Emblem for New Book Series!

Sunset From the Deck at Sea Glass Cottage

Sunset From the Deck at Sea Glass Cottage

I sure hope you and yours are having a really nice restful holiday weekend. My weekend has been wonderful. It’s always great to have our kids come to the beach and spend time with us. This weekend we’re hosting our son and daughter-in-law. We’ve done a whole lot of really fun things especially eat out. The kids kayaked all over the bay this afternoon. And we’ve all enjoyed watching the wildlife.

Our bay is a prime dolphin mating  spot and the local dolphin pod has been busy making little dolphins :).

Church was wonderful as always this morning. We really love our sweet new little fellowship. They have welcomed us with open arms and we feel very at home there.

But the biggest book related news I want to share is that an emblem has been created for my next series of books- the first of which will be released during December. I can’t say a whole lot about this book or the story line. As soon as I can, I will post the emblem here. It will be the main symbol on the covers of this new series.

But I can tell you the artistic premise- it is a Celtic cross with a broadsword embedded within it.

Love Never Fails, Grace



Last Rose Pearl Through Editing!


WhooHoo! The Last Rose Pearl, my Regency Inspirational Romance set in London and Savannah , is through the editing process.  It is a much tighter and cleaner read now.

And I learned so much about my quirky grammar faults, again. Every time one of my books goes through editing, I learn more about myself as a writer. This time I learned I have an unnatural affection for split infinitives. *sigh* Yes, gentle reader I still stubbornly think some of my split infinitives read better than the corrections :).

The Beta Read Feedback is due back soon, so I’ll see if I want to make any changes on that front. In the mean-time I’m working on research for One Nation Under Gods.

Who knew their were so many quirky rules about religion in ancient societies? ONUG is set in the present, but it’s going to have a lot of parallels to certain ancient historical cultures.

I’ve got to say, I haven’t been this excited about a book premise in a long, long time. I can’t wait to get started writing it.

Hope you have a wonderful long Labor Day Weekend! LNF, Grace


One Nation Under Gods

aura world

I’ve been hard at work getting all the loose ends tied up on The Last Rose Pearl. I’ve got a few days work ahead of me. Then I’ll probably make some changes when the feedback from the beta read comes in. But it feels great to have TLRP getting closer to publication.

I’ve had some folks asking what will be next on my schedule. I’ll be out of pocket for a week or two in September. Then I’ll be starting a new novel I’m very excited about. I don’t want to say a whole lot about it, but it will be a Supernatural novel in the same vein as The Giftlings. But whereas The Giftlings is a YA novel this book will be a tad bit darker.

But, as with all my novels, anybody can read them. The title for this new book is One Nation Under Gods. Yep, it’s going to be a thriller-diller I hope. And of course there will be an angsty love story at the center of the action.

I’ll write more about it as I begin the writing process. It’s been out-lined and I have developed the notebook for it. So when I get back at to my writing nook in a few weeks, I’ll be working hard to get it ready for a pre-Christmas release.

LNF, Grace

Five Winners!


Good Morning Everybody! Sure hope your day is starting off well. MIne sure is.

We had so much fun unveiling the new web site

Everybody’s hard work sure was evident. Thanks again!

I heard from the marketing folks early this morning. There are five winners for yesterday’s GiveAways. As soon as they’re all notified and I’m given their names, I’ll make sure to congratulate them here.

Thanks again for making my web site opening a big success! LNF, Grace


book writing

I love my website- I’m sending out love and big hugs to all the folks who had a hand in its construction and design.

I especially love the fact that it has so many neat places to click and explore. My favorites are LNF & Recipes. But I really love the book trailers too.

Some folks like book trailers and some folks don’t. I find younger readers are more comfy with the visual concept of a novel. I guess that’s because they grew up with technology and are so good at using it.

At some point in the future, I want to add my Spiritual Testimony to Everybody has that unique story to tell, and I’m no different. I still get teary eyed sometimes when I remember the particular circumstances involved in my personal salvation story.  Let me tell you, the way God saved me shows He’s got a sense of humor 🙂

Anyhoo, hope you’ll drop by my new hang out today. I’ll be giving away a bunch of goodies including autographed books until midnight tonight. Just do the social media thing to join in the fun.

LNF, Grace is Up & Running!


My new web site- is up and running tonight. In honor of my new hangout, I will be giving away a nice variety of freebies during the next 24 hours.

If you retweet, ping back, like, follow, repin etc you are entered to win! The more you do the social media thing, the more chances you have to get goodies. 🙂

Also at you can see the new trailer for, The Last Rose Pearl. It’s my next release. It’s a Inspirational Regency Romance set in Savannh & London in the year 1812. Hope you’ll stop by and check it all out!

LNF, Grace