Birdie Saves The World- $1.99!


Birdie Saves The World is on sale at $1.99 for three days. I sure hope you take this opportunity to snag a copy and read it.

Birdie is set in modern-day Savannah [the hometown of my heart]. It is a very sweet love story with some compelling elements that make for a great porch read.

Where else will you get a wrong side of the tracks bad-boy billionaire out for revenge, an innocent Old Money artist, villains you love to hate, and a solid Christian message of forgiveness and regeneration?

She won’t lower her standards to be with him. He believes integrity is circumstantial at best and mostly a joke. Both of their worlds tilt as God teaches them to trust Him and each other.

If you like underdog stories with just a little of chemistry between the hero and heroine, Birdie may be for you.

Folks keep asking me, “What about Gabe Smith and Rio?” These are two secondary characters in Birdie. Don’t worry- their stories are on my schedule and in the writing pipe-line. I love them as much as y’all do 🙂 !

Hope your day is wonderful! LNF, Grace


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