Blessed and Thankful!


I’m so happy to report that The Last Rose Pearl, a Regency Inspirational Romance set in London and Savannah, is zipping along. I made a whole lot of good progress on it yesterday.

I’m so blessed and thankful for my life!

Here at Sea Glass Cottage my dear husband and I took time out of our afternoon and evening to attend a beach party . Our neighbor down the bay turned 40 yesterday. So everybody in the neighborhood strolled over to his beach to celebrate. It was a BYOM- Bring Your Own Meat- 🙂  kind of party.

Everybody was casual. No fancy clothing, mostly just flip-flops and shorts. We had a great time meeting new folks. A couple of grills turned out the various meats and smelled wonderful. For some reason grilling just smells better at the beach, don’t you agree?

The sun went down, the party rolled on. Kids were in the bay laughing and playing in the moonlight. The neighbor’s laid back playlist flowed from his upper deck. The grown-ups settled into a variety of folding chairs we’d brought to the party. Everybody told funny stories and complained about the weather.

It was pretty much a picture-perfect no fuss celebration. I’m looking forward to the next birthday, anniversary, etc- it doesn’t take much for folks to host a party down here.

Anyhoo, please remember that Birdie Saves The World is on sale this week for $1.99.

LNF, Grace

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