Great Day for The Last Rose Pearl!


I had such a productive day yesterday in my office/nook working on TLRP. Dylan St. John [the hero] is so conflicted about his feelings for Rory Windsor [the heroine]. He’s used to aristocratic ‘ladies’ – the novel is set in Regency London and Savannah. And innocent pants wearing Rory throws him for a loop!

He tries to seduce her, that doesn’t work. She’s Christian and has moral boundaries he’s never before encountered in profligate British society. He tries to intimidate her. That doesn’t work out well either. He tries to bribe her.  That not only fails, it insults her.  His effect on women is the stuff of legends….until he tries to gain Rory’s help for a government related effort.

It’s 1813, and not everybody in America is aware the recent war with Britain is winding down. The Native Americans, with all their disparate loyalties, are especially involved in the regional fighting.

Part of the plot of TLRP involves a real massacre that happened after the Peace had been agreed to by both governments. The Battle of Fort Mims is a little known but bloody encounter between Creek Indians [affiliated with the British] and American settlers in the wilds of Alabama.

Hope your weekend is going well. I plan some porch time with a good book. Hope you get to do the same!

LNF, Grace



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