My New Head Shot


The photo of me on this blog was made several years ago in my husband’s office. I like the picture, but it is not in any way a professional head shot.

Back in the days when I was in the film/entertainment  world everybody had head shots. Bunches of them. You’d go into a casting session and be flooded with the darn things. Lots of actors get their gigs on the strength of their head shots as opposed to their acting skills. There are a whole bunch of really talented folks out there trying to break into films & TV. Head shots with professional targeted resumes on the back of them can many times clinch getting hired.

In fact, I even wrote a role into a screenplay for a movie once because I was taken with a particular young man’s head shot. Imagine my surprise when the real guy walked into the audition looking nothing like his air-brushed, pan-caked, stage made-up, head shot. Needless to say, the poor guy didn’t get the job.

But I’m rambling, again, *sigh* so let me focus back on my initial reason for writing – my new head shot.  I had one done at the behest of the marketing folks. They wanted something more polished for the new web site.

So if you go by in a few days, you can see my head shot in the new banner and check out a whole raft of other goodies pertaining to me and my novels. Hope you can make it by. LNF, Grace


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