Can You See Me Now???


I know this is a silly thing to write about on my author blog…but it is happening to me today. Last week I went to the eye doctor to get a new pair of contacts. I was having some eye strain and knew it was time to get a stronger prescription.

And that’s just what the doc did. He gave me a wonderful new set of stronger contacts. I loved them! I could even see the leaves on the trees on the way home. For me this is BIG!

Anyhoo, later that night my eyes became red. Really red. So I took out the contacts thinking my eyes just needed to adjust. The next morning I popped them back in. I had a better day, but the redness and scratchiness continued.

I really didn’t want to bother the doc by going back into his office. I’ve worn contacts of one kind or another for over 40 years. So I decided to woman up and let my eyes get used to the new contacts at their own speed.

Sunday morning dawned. I cringed when I saw myself in the bathroom mirror. I looked like a drunk on a bender. I’m sure the nice folks at our new church were shaking their heads and wondering about me after the early morning service.

Fast forward to this morning. Same thing happening.  So I broke down and called the doc. Of course he’s not in the office today. But they very kindly made me an appointment for tomorrow.

So I’m sitting at my desk working on TLRP wearing two sets of glasses. Yes, gentle reader. You read that right. My emergency prescription glasses only work for distance. And since my eyes are so very bad, I need my cheapie 1.99 reading glasses to do close work as well.

*sigh* Take my word for it, it’s not a good look.  🙂 But, thank the Lord, I am working.

LNF, Grace


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