New Web Site GiveAways

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Many Thanks to all those who’ve asked about my vision issues. To answer your questions:

Yes, the contacts were a new brand to me. I’m obviously sensitive to something in them. The doc prescribed me drops and gave me new lenses in a brand I’ve used before. He and I had a nice long chat about a book he wants to write :). But now everything is back to normal in the vision arena. Thank you Lord!

As for the new web site:

It’s still a work in progress but the web master and marketing squad are working together to fine-tune a few last details. I’m very pumped about my new site. It will feature recipes from my books, Book study questions for Christian Book Clubs who read my novels, and a special section explaining why I use LNF in all my correspondence. All the book trailers will be linked there as well as newsletters etc. I’ll announce the Grand Opening when the site is up and running.

During the first 24 hours of the Big Reveal I will be giving away autographed bookmarks, autographed books, gift cards, and even jewelry related to my novels.

Be watching my tweets and other social connections for the announcements. Folks who follow me will get a head start on the GiveAways.

Hope your day is wonderful! I need to get back to my writing nook now and finish the polish of TLRP. LNF, Grace



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