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Thrift Store Fashion Show

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Today for lunch, I took my mom to my church’s Thrift Store Fashion Show. It was so much fun! It is amazing what good finds there are to be had at that thrift store. And of course, the luncheon food was phenomenal. We have a church member who is just a wonderful cook. Her name is Candy, and she creates the Wednesday Night Church Suppers as well. So Yummy!

I’d given one of my church sisters, Ronnie, a proof copy of The Last Rose Pearl. She said some very nice and encouraging things about it at the luncheon table today. Of course, that started a discussion about publishing etc. I find most people are very curious on the subject. I don’t know a whole lot, but what little I do know, I’m glad to share.

And speaking about encouraging people, I want to express my wholehearted appreciation to YorkieGirl on amazon. She took the time to write a very thoughtful review of TLRP. I’m so glad she enjoyed it. And I’m very grateful for her time in writing her opinion of the book.

I know I’ve said this before, but I want to thank all the folks who have taken the time to post a review on amazon after reading my novels. Y’all are the best!

LNF, Grace


Dedicated to the One I Love!



I’ve had a really busy and productive day here at Sea Glass Cottage. But I’m going to tell you about something that actually happened to me yesterday. It was an amazing thing and one I won’t forget ever.


Usually on Mondays I run errands and go to visit with my elderly mother. She lives across town in an independent senior village. Her every day is filled to the brim with activities both at the village and at the nearby senior center. Mom is very healthy and active for her 84 years. She still drives and cooks etc. But I usually take her a big casserole and some homemade goodies when I see her on Mondays.

And I took her those yesterday. But I also took her something else. I took her a print copy of my new novel The Last Rose Pearl. That in itself is nothing new. I always give her copies of my novels. But because she is not a fan of Inspirational Romance and she favors large print books, she typically gives them away. But this one I think she’ll keep.

Because you see, The Last Rose Pearl is dedicated to her. Oh my, I drastically underestimated what this dedication would mean to Mom! She cried- happy tears of course and she vowed to keep this particular book of mine on her book shelves.

I must admit it was a moment I’ll always remember. I guess none of us ever really outgrow the desire to have out parents’ approval. I’m just really thankful God let me have that sweet time with my mom.

One sad day I know ‘ll lose her. None of us can live in this world forever, But I’m certain I’ll be comforted by the memory of the joyful tears in her beautiful eyes and the sweet smile on her face when I handed her that copy of The Last Rose Pearl and she read the dedication.

LNF, Grace

The god of Mildew

Overcoming the god of Mildew!

Overcoming the god of Mildew!

Yes, in my research for One Nation Under gods [the Supernatural Inspirational Romance I’m working on now]  I have discovered the ancient Romans worshiped a god of Mildew. They named him Robigus. I don’t suppose they made a golden calf in his honor like the Jews did for Baal when Moses was up on the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments. And I can’t find any definitive example of  what one of his idols looked like. If their bathrooms were anything like mine, those Mildew worshipers could have just bowed down next to the tub or toilet :).

Why, you may be asking is a Christian writer researching the false gods worshiped by extinct cultures?

The answer to that question is, ONUg has a huge plot line that includes deceived people who adhere to old pagan religions. And yes I did get a big laugh out of learning folks once knelt to an altar for the false god of Mildew.

We humans are a diverse, creative, and imaginative bunch. And whether its 2,000 BCE or just this evening folks [I include myself here] tend to make idols. We may not name them, like the ancient Romans did with Robigus. But the idols are honored, nonetheless wealth, fame, celebrity, image, entertainment to name just a few. And each has its own set of adoring supplicants.

I guess the biggest take-away for me in all this research is to keep my eyes, heart, and mind focused on the one true God- My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And to remember that even if I do let something become idolatrous in my life, I can repent of it. God’s grace is there for me. I can get back to honoring my Lord and the things in His Kingdom that are eternal – faith, hope, & love.

LNF, Grace

One Nation Under gods

Salem D'Angeli

Salem D’Angelis

I got the rough draft of the Foreword and the Prologue for ONUg done today. I’m really excited about this book! It’s scheduled for cover art in October and a release around the second week of December.

It’s a Supernatural Inspirational Romance with a really different twist. I don’t want to say too much right now about the plot. But I will say this book will be a wild ride from start to finish. And it’s going to have a really intense but sweet love story embedded within all that action.

The main characters are Salem D’Angelis and Lily Meade. Both are strong and damaged. He’s living up to a vow his family has upheld for centuries. She’s trying to wiggle her way out of being a temple servant at her Grandfather’s Pantheon church.

This story should really appeal to folks who like a think outside the box Christian read. It’s definitely not a bonnet romance. And it’s the first of my new Abaddon’s Sword series.

LNF, Grace

Lovely Evening Last Night!

View From the Sunset Grille

View From the Sunset Grille

Our wonderful new neighbors invited us out to dinner with them last night. We all went down to the local hangout on the water, ‘The Sunset Grille’. The night was beautiful, especially since the place is open air.

We had such a great time getting to know them and learning about their ministries with orphanages in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It’s so wonderful and uplifting to hear how other brothers and sisters in Christ are using their gifts. Thanks for the time Gordon & Cindy!

Today is a busy day for me. I’ve got appointments at several places and a very tight writing schedule. Hope your weekend is starting out nicely.

And don’t forget to take advantage of the .99 sale on my novel ‘Carried Away’.

LNF, Grace

Thanks for the Reviews!



I just want to take a minute to thank every reader who has written a review for one of my novels. Those reviews mean the world to me, honestly they do. The fact that someone would take time out of their busy day to encourage me is just so humbling. I am blessed by your kindness and generosity!

If I could give you each a hug, I surely would :).  LNF, Grace

Carried Away .99!

CarriedAway cover 2

Please don’t miss your chance to get my Montana Miracles novel, Carried Away for .99.  The marketing folks are running a sale on this book for a few days to celebrate the release of The Last Rose Pearl– my Regency Inspirational Romance.

These books are set in different eras, but they have the same trademark humor, adventure, and Godly love story. And they have the very same simmering chemistry between the main characters.

I love a book where the characters have authentic flaws and where they are redeemed by the last page.

And I really like the tag line created for my branding  – I don’t know a whole lot about branding. But apparently the marketing team does :). So now, on most everything tied to me or my books you’ll see this neat little phrase:

Everyone Deserves a Happily Ever After. Find yours in a Grace Walton Novel! 

Hope your day is wonderful, and don’t forget to enter this month’s contest! LNF, Grace