A Goat Rodeo!

goat rodeo

Yes, my life, as most folks’, is a goat rodeo at the moment. The writing schedule is intense, church life is busy, personal life is frenetic, and guiding my elderly mother through the tangle of her twilight years is always interesting.

My dear 84 yr old mom is a blessing to me on so many levels. She is losing her hearing, but resists getting a hearing aide, so most of our discussions are a hoot! 🙂 We took her on vacation with us recently. When I asked her if she was enjoying her vacation she responded, “Yes, but the potatoes are too greasy.”

Her lagging ears heard me ask if she was enjoying her meal 🙂 not the vacation. I got a good laugh over that one.

Right now I’m in heavy research mode for my next novel- One Nation Under gods. In our family, my husband is the true Bible scholar. But I’ve been enjoying learning about the formation of the early church. I’ve especially loved my research into Constantine’s influence on the gathering & collating of the Biblical Canon.

This one historical constant, the Canon, is crucial to the plot of ONUg.

Also on my radar is the release of TLRP. On the advice of one beta reader, I added an epilogue to the book. I like where it went, and I’m hoping readers will enjoy knowing how Rory’s and Dylan’s life turned out.

On a personal and spiritual level, God is doing so much in me concerning trust lately. It’s always hard when I examine myself in terms of God’s revealing light. Nobody likes having their flaws illuminated. But I do love the results. So now I know I’ve got to make some conscious and thoughtful changes. As with all exercises, spiritual or physical, the more you practice them, the easier they become. But the beginning phase, as you build a new positive habit, can be painful.

Hope your day is not a goat rodeo like mine is today. Hope your day is busy, peaceful, and full of God’s grace,

LNF, Grace


2 thoughts on “A Goat Rodeo!

  1. nakeliwalters

    I love goats and I’ve always told my husband if I ever get the chance to have a farm I wanted goats. My new favorite are the fainting goats-they are hilarious. But I don’t think I’d get those since I’d spend all of my time trying to make them faint and wouldn’t get any writing done. 🙂

    1. Living By Grace Post author

      I love goats too! In fact, our family has a old friend, ‘Mr. Paul’ who keeps goats and even taught me how to milk a nanny goat. And I’m with you, those fainting goats are a hoot! 🙂


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