Carried Away .99!

CarriedAway cover 2

Please don’t miss your chance to get my Montana Miracles novel, Carried Away for .99.  The marketing folks are running a sale on this book for a few days to celebrate the release of The Last Rose Pearl– my Regency Inspirational Romance.

These books are set in different eras, but they have the same trademark humor, adventure, and Godly love story. And they have the very same simmering chemistry between the main characters.

I love a book where the characters have authentic flaws and where they are redeemed by the last page.

And I really like the tag line created for my branding  – I don’t know a whole lot about branding. But apparently the marketing team does :). So now, on most everything tied to me or my books you’ll see this neat little phrase:

Everyone Deserves a Happily Ever After. Find yours in a Grace Walton Novel! 

Hope your day is wonderful, and don’t forget to enter this month’s contest! LNF, Grace


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