The god of Mildew

Overcoming the god of Mildew!

Overcoming the god of Mildew!

Yes, in my research for One Nation Under gods [the Supernatural Inspirational Romance I’m working on now]  I have discovered the ancient Romans worshiped a god of Mildew. They named him Robigus. I don’t suppose they made a golden calf in his honor like the Jews did for Baal when Moses was up on the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments. And I can’t find any definitive example of  what one of his idols looked like. If their bathrooms were anything like mine, those Mildew worshipers could have just bowed down next to the tub or toilet :).

Why, you may be asking is a Christian writer researching the false gods worshiped by extinct cultures?

The answer to that question is, ONUg has a huge plot line that includes deceived people who adhere to old pagan religions. And yes I did get a big laugh out of learning folks once knelt to an altar for the false god of Mildew.

We humans are a diverse, creative, and imaginative bunch. And whether its 2,000 BCE or just this evening folks [I include myself here] tend to make idols. We may not name them, like the ancient Romans did with Robigus. But the idols are honored, nonetheless wealth, fame, celebrity, image, entertainment to name just a few. And each has its own set of adoring supplicants.

I guess the biggest take-away for me in all this research is to keep my eyes, heart, and mind focused on the one true God- My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And to remember that even if I do let something become idolatrous in my life, I can repent of it. God’s grace is there for me. I can get back to honoring my Lord and the things in His Kingdom that are eternal – faith, hope, & love.

LNF, Grace


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