Dedicated to the One I Love!



I’ve had a really busy and productive day here at Sea Glass Cottage. But I’m going to tell you about something that actually happened to me yesterday. It was an amazing thing and one I won’t forget ever.


Usually on Mondays I run errands and go to visit with my elderly mother. She lives across town in an independent senior village. Her every day is filled to the brim with activities both at the village and at the nearby senior center. Mom is very healthy and active for her 84 years. She still drives and cooks etc. But I usually take her a big casserole and some homemade goodies when I see her on Mondays.

And I took her those yesterday. But I also took her something else. I took her a print copy of my new novel The Last Rose Pearl. That in itself is nothing new. I always give her copies of my novels. But because she is not a fan of Inspirational Romance and she favors large print books, she typically gives them away. But this one I think she’ll keep.

Because you see, The Last Rose Pearl is dedicated to her. Oh my, I drastically underestimated what this dedication would mean to Mom! She cried- happy tears of course and she vowed to keep this particular book of mine on her book shelves.

I must admit it was a moment I’ll always remember. I guess none of us ever really outgrow the desire to have out parents’ approval. I’m just really thankful God let me have that sweet time with my mom.

One sad day I know ‘ll lose her. None of us can live in this world forever, But I’m certain I’ll be comforted by the memory of the joyful tears in her beautiful eyes and the sweet smile on her face when I handed her that copy of The Last Rose Pearl and she read the dedication.

LNF, Grace


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