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The Pirate Paddleboat


Today has been a lovely day at Sea Glass Cottage. The weather in our neck of the woods is spectacular! Today I got so much accomplished.

I got my morning walk done. I do love walking down here on the beach. My route takes me along the water and then into an old residential neighborhood. It is funky and eclectic, which I love. There’s a bunch of old houses that have been restored by loving hands. There’s yard art of every description, including a statue wearing an abundance of Mardi Gras beads :). There’re wind chimes and brass bells on most porches so I have a nice musical accompaniment to my walk. Of course, the landscaping is just as varied as the architecture. My favorites are the old-fashioned morning glories. I see them in so many different colors. The Monarch butterflies are migrating over the bay, so they’re like flying flowers themselves. Everything is beautiful along my route except for that time I found the armadillo skeleton and thought it was somebody’s dearly departed house cat…but we’re not going to talk about that LOL.

I’m making a lot of progress on my newest novel- One Nation Under gods. I’m really loving the characters in this story. Especially the Nephilim hero, Salem D’Angelis. He’s so tough and damaged. But he still is intent on serving God any way he can.

But the reason I entitled this post The Pirate Paddleboat is because my husband and I just got back from a nice paddle around the bay. Our little boat flies the Jolly Roger which is an inside joke between my sweetie and me. I’ve always claimed he drives like a pirate and takes no prisoners. Now he sails like one too :).

Hope you’ll take advantage of my Halloween sale on The Giftlings. Its .99 this week. If you or your teens like YA Paranormal Romance, it’ll be a hit for you. Go over to the sidebar and click on the cover to be snag your copy.

Happy Weekend Everybody! LNF, Grace


The Giftlings .99!

premade exclusive book cover 377 ebook

My YA supernatural Inspirational Romance is on sale now through Oct. 30th for .99. If you want a spooky Bible based romance suitable for young adults, you might like The Giftlings.

Here’s the book blurb:

High School Student Madison Jones a has a lot on her mind. In the past six months she’s caused the loss of her father’s job, the relocation of her entire family, and the arrest of a church deacon. She’s met a guy, Will Stone, who just might be the love of her life. She’s also become the unwilling recipient of a spiritual ‘gift’. Then there’s the arch demon who wants to own her soul at any cost…

Tea at the Beach!


A few years ago I watched a movie, the name escapes me, where the whole family had tea together in the afternoons…at the beach. I fell in love with that idea and promised myself if we ever lived near the beach, I would enjoy this little frugal luxury.

Fast forward several years…we now live on a big coastal bay and ‘tea at the beach’ is within my grasp. Even though I passed all the family china, including tea sets, to my grown-up children when we down-sized, I find there’s something peaceful and almost spiritual about taking tea in a lovely setting.

So I got on eBay and ordered myself a little glass teapot and some melamine cups and saucers. I’ve become intrigued with pastel melamine, but’s that’s a story for another day. Anyhoo, now in the late afternoons I brew myself a cup of spicy tea and sit on my deck with it. I sip the yummy goodness and watch the sea birds and dolphins. And I plot books.

My current favorite tea is a cinnamon pumpkin loose tea I bought from an Amish lady at her roadside stand last year. She blended the tea with chunks of dried pumpkin which gives my cup a special Autumn flavor.

So, that’s what’s happening in Grace Walton’s life today. along with choir practice at our little church tonight and writing the ending of Chapter Eight for ONUg, Hope your life is blessed too!











LNF, Grace

Book Trailer for Faith’s Keys


The Book Trailer for Faith’s Keys is up and running on my You Tube channel this morning. Hope you’ll go by and take a peek. I’m really happy with it, especially the soundtrack. Go here to view it: Faith’s Keys

The Last Rose Pearl #12!

Jimmy Thomas- cover Model for TLRP

Jimmy Thomas- cover Model for TLRP

Woohoo!!! The Last Rose Pearl, my Regency Inspirational Novel, is steadily rising in it’s list on amazon. I can’t tell you how exciting and humbling this is for me. God has been so very, very good to me during this book release.

I’ll post an image here of Jimmy Thomas who is the cover model for TLRP. He’s got just the right look of intrigue and rough-edged danger to be the hero of this novel. Thanks for the great art, Romana Lockwood [she’s the cover artist] &  Jimmy!

And thanks again to all my readers and especially to the folks who have taken time out of their busy schedules to post reviews. Your support is so encouraging! My gratitude knows no bounds!  LNF, Grace

The Last Rose Pearl #15!


I’m really excited and blessed to report that my newest novel, The Last Rose Pearl was number fifteen in its category on amazon today. God has been so good to me in the release of this particular novel.

It was my first novel. and it had to undergo extensive rewriting, review, and editing. But since it was my newbie effort at a full length book, it is very special to me.

My prayer is that TLRP strikes a chord with the folks who read it. I hope they recognize it as a rich tale of redemption and freedom from paralyzing guilt through God’s grace. If even one person sees the transformational love of Christ in this novel, all the days and hours of work will have been more than worth the effort.

Thanks to all my loyal readers. LNF, Grace

Update on One Nation Under gods

tattoo I’ve been hard at work on my next novel One Nation Under gods. I thought you’d like to read the blurb that will be on the back of the print cover.  I’m really excited about this cover. The fabulous Amy DeLoach will be the cover artist. She’s going to create something very unique and edgy for this story. I can’t wait to see it. In the meantime, here’s the blurb:

This is a book of what ifs. What if, through the centuries, the Christian religion remained a small house church movement? What if it never became a mainstream faith? What if the Bible had never been gathered together from the many and disparate scrolls of wisdom existing to encourage and nourish those first few early Christians? What if one repentant, forgiven Nephilim family remained? One family so committed to Christ, they dedicated one man in every generation to serve God in a most horrifying and sacrificial way? What if?

Nephilim Salem D’Angelis has his life all planned. He’ll run the family’s vast Texas ranch. He’ll marry a local girl. He’ll start a family. He’ll escape his family’s celestial curse and live an ordinary quiet life. Then it appears – the supernatural summons marking him as the Sword of Abbaddon. Now without flinching, he’ll use his preternatural skills and gifts to be God’s Destroyer.

Lily Meade comes from small-town Pagan royalty. Her grandfather is the High Priest of the Pantheon Church of beach side Providence Point, Texas. Her Nana is the church’s hereditary Oracle. Lily will inherit that position, if she completes her one-day service as a Temple Servant. But how can she be a prostitute, even a holy one, for 24 long hours?

Their lives collide one hot summer night. She’s running away. He’s stoically facing his destiny. Salem knows his life is almost at an end. Lily thinks hers is just beginning. The only things standing between them and ultimate destruction are ten righteous people and one tattered scrap of Holy Script.

Love is powerful and often used as a weapon. But can it or puny human effort, ever truly stay the Sword of Abbaddon?