The Pirate Paddleboat


Today has been a lovely day at Sea Glass Cottage. The weather in our neck of the woods is spectacular! Today I got so much accomplished.

I got my morning walk done. I do love walking down here on the beach. My route takes me along the water and then into an old residential neighborhood. It is funky and eclectic, which I love. There’s a bunch of old houses that have been restored by loving hands. There’s yard art of every description, including a statue wearing an abundance of Mardi Gras beads :). There’re wind chimes and brass bells on most porches so I have a nice musical accompaniment to my walk. Of course, the landscaping is just as varied as the architecture. My favorites are the old-fashioned morning glories. I see them in so many different colors. The Monarch butterflies are migrating over the bay, so they’re like flying flowers themselves. Everything is beautiful along my route except for that time I found the armadillo skeleton and thought it was somebody’s dearly departed house cat…but we’re not going to talk about that LOL.

I’m making a lot of progress on my newest novel- One Nation Under gods. I’m really loving the characters in this story. Especially the Nephilim hero, Salem D’Angelis. He’s so tough and damaged. But he still is intent on serving God any way he can.

But the reason I entitled this post The Pirate Paddleboat is because my husband and I just got back from a nice paddle around the bay. Our little boat flies the Jolly Roger which is an inside joke between my sweetie and me. I’ve always claimed he drives like a pirate and takes no prisoners. Now he sails like one too :).

Hope you’ll take advantage of my Halloween sale on The Giftlings. Its .99 this week. If you or your teens like YA Paranormal Romance, it’ll be a hit for you. Go over to the sidebar and click on the cover to be snag your copy.

Happy Weekend Everybody! LNF, Grace


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