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One Nation Under gods!

Salem D'Angelis Hero of One Nation Under gods

Salem D’Angelis Hero of One Nation Under gods

It always happens, I get about 100 pages into a new novel and the plot line takes a radical turn and heads off in new exciting and heartbreaking directions. That happened for me yesterday while I was working on ONUg.

I’m so happy at where this book is going. I love it when the characters and circumstances veer off outline and take on a life of their own. And goodness gracious, that’s what this book is doing! It’s getting grittier and more supernatural. But in a really good way.

Last night at supper I got distracted by internal dialogue between two of the characters. My poor husband asked me, “Where did you go off to?” Meaning I mentally checked out of our conversation. All I could do was tell the truth.

“I’ve got people talking in my head,” I said sheepishly. He just laughed. Cause, believe me, he’s used to my getting caught up in a story.

I can not tell you how excited I am about this book! I’m hoping and praying for a December release, but no firm date yet. A lot depends on cover art, beta readers, & editing. Not to mention marketing. I’ve always said it ‘takes a village’, and it truly does.

I’m going to post an image of Jimmy Thomas, my favorite cover model. Jimmy is great at capturing and projecting emotion. He’s been the cover model on two of my books and he is the inspiration for Salem D’Anglis the hero on ONUg.