Vote for Your Favorite One Nation Under gods Cover!

The amazing cover artist, Amy DeLoach of Bonjour Graphics ,has presented me with two stunning covers for my newest Inspirational Romance novel, One Nation Under gods.

This book is the first in my new supernatural Christian series. The heroes are brothers who share a Nephilim [angel] heritage. These stories will all reflect the ongoing battle in the Heavenlies between the forces of good and evil.

For that reason, they will be a tad bit dark, though still entirely suitable for the Faith Fiction reader. The romance and emotion  will sizzle between the hero and heroine. but I will still hold to my standard of no explicit sex or foul language. And, of course, there will be a Christian message that runs as a foundational theme through each book.

The voting will take place this week. I’ll announce the winner next Sunday night.

I’d sure appreciate your voting on these covers. Which do you like best?

Cover Without Model

Cover Without Model


Cover With Model

Cover With Model

Can’t wait to hear what you think! LNF, Grace



4 thoughts on “Vote for Your Favorite One Nation Under gods Cover!

  1. Lainie

    Definitely with the model. The covers are an important part of me being drawn to a book. If I do buy a book without a cover model, I am always trying to picture them in my mind.

    1. Living By Grace Post author

      Hey Donna! It’s great to hear from you. Hope your holiday is merry. Thanks for your feedback on the cover. Right now the voting is pretty even. I guess we’ll see by next Sunday night which one is the most popular. LNF, Grace


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