Grace Walton Update

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.  I sure have 🙂 . My 60th birthday is fast approaching and my wonderful husband  made me a reading nook as a present. I’ve got a comfy new linen arm chair, turquoise-colored ottoman, beach-cottage white side table, and a lamp filled with shells in the corner of our bedroom. I can read, do my Bible study, journal, and pray all with an ocean view. I am so blessed!

One Nation Under gods, my 1st book in a supernatural series named Abbaddon’s Swordhas made it through editing and is now with the beta readers. The marketing folks are doing their thing,  as well. I’ll let you know the release date as soon as I know it.

At Sea Glass Cottage I’ve been busy researching my next novel. It will be the next historical in the Low Country Love Stories Series- The Last Rose Pearl was the 1st in this series. This new book will be Jessamine’s story set in 1813. I’ve been  researching the Creek Indians for this novel as they will be playing a significant role. If you wondered about Red Feather from TLRP you’ll get to learn more about that character in this, as yet, unnamed historical.

And I’ve got a Christmas book in the pipeline after the historical. It’s tentatively titled Teacup Christmas and it will be five intersecting love stories based on the discovery of five unique antique teacups.

I’ve heard from the folks at , my featured article, which will be an interview with lots of images from here at Sea Glass is coming soon. I’ll let you know the date.

On a personal note, I’m planning my mom’s 85th birthday party. She’s a great fan of Bingo so I’m throwing her a Bingo Birthday Bash at her senior village. It’s been lots of fun planning this party. Especially the surprises!

Anyhoo, hope your life is going well and that God is blessing your socks off every day! LNF, Grace


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